Armagedroid Wakeman is (possibly) Jenny's most powerful brother.

He makes an appearance in an episode of the same name and tries to destroy all of the weapons on Earth by throwing them into his core, where they would melt. Armagedroid nearly destroys Jenny, due to her numerous amount of weapons, but Tuck and Brad save her and take her to Dr. Wakeman. She then explains to them that she formerly worked with Skyway Patrol and that they needed an ultimate weapon during the first intergalactic war. They then created Armagedroid, who managed to destroy all of the aliens' weapons. However, he grew restless during peace and took all of the weapons he could find, even the Skyway Patrol's weapons. Dr. Wakeman then tricked him into going into the Earth's core, where he presumably melted.

After the incident, Dr. Wakeman started the XJ Series to replace him as the protectors of Earth.

Armagedroid was defeated when Dr. Wakeman implanted a bomb in Jenny and they tricked him into taking the bomb. Armagedroid exploded and swore he would return and destroy all of the weapons on Earth, even if it meant destroying Earth itself. Armagedroid was then rebuilt by Killgore before Enclosure of Doom. But then Armagedroid was then outsmarted and destroyed by XJ-9 and Killgore.


  • Armagedroid is named after Armaggedon.
  • Armagedroid's head design resembles the robot's from the 1939 film "The Phantom Creeps".
  • He is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, an actor famous for portraying (most commonly) villians across several forms of media.