Attack of the 5½Ft. Geek is the first half of episode three of My Life as a Teenage Robot. It first aired on Nickeloden in the United States on August 15th, 2003. This episode marks the first appearance of Sheldon.


The episode begins as Sheldon is in the middle of making an all alloy figure in an upcoming competition. He laments the fact that it cannot fly when suddenly two bullies grab him and force him into handing over the shop project they made him make for them.

As the science teacher goes over Jenny's knee, she explains that she has an injury and being a robot the nurse sent her there. He suggest that Sheldon can help, then walks away. As Jenny asks to speak to Sheldon from one of the bullies, they don't listen to her. She grabs the project they were throwing around, then grabs onto Sheldon just before beating up the bullies for trying to attack her. She asks Sheldon for help, then awkwardly leaves as he refuses to let go of her hand.

As she flies away Sheldon quickly catches up and asks to walk her to class. While walking through the hallway, she notices many of the students beginning to tease her and quickly she runs away from Sheldon until she arrives in her class, noticing him in the seat ahead of her. He mentions how he never got to thank her, then she shyly hides behind her book until the class bell rings and he is forced to leave.

At the end of the day, Jenny cautiously sneaks out but bumps into Sheldon at her locker. He asks if she wants to hang out when suddenly her alarm goes off. Mrs. Wakeman notices Sheldon there and "approves" of him. She states its not important though and that its just the Lonely Hearts gang up to no good.

Meanwhile in town, the Lonely Hearts guys are tossing Candy Heart Bombs, decorating the area where they land. Seeing Jenny arrive, they begin to throw the bombs toward her. She flies over and grabs onto them but suddenly Sheldon appears once again. This time he came by to show her something he has made in order to help her, then he proceeds to ask her out. Accidentally he then captures the both of them in the net deployment system and the Lonely Hearts run to ruin a suit store....

Jenny is about to attack when Sheldon then offers her a Paralyzing Beam, Jet powered roller-skates, sound cannon, and an anti-stumble machine. This accidentally paralyzes Jenny, launching her into the air!

As this goes on, the Lonely Hearts grab Sheldon and tie him onto a "love wheel". Threatening to throw him through a machine, into a vat of boiling hot chocolate, or suffer a very nast papercut.....

Jenny shows up just as the leader calls Sheldon her boyfriend. Causing her to release a very loud shriek and get stuck onto a magnetic device while insulting Sheldon and insisting he's nothing to her. This upsets Sheldon and the Lonely Hearts release him, instead allowing him to join them once he graduates and Sheldon leaves.

Before they can harm Jenny, Sheldon's robot he made saves Jenny by defeating the bad guys. He then releases Jenny and leaves. Back at his home that evening, Jenny shows up with the robot and explains she had her mom put an anti-gravity thing in it and goes on to say that they can be friends. As Sheldon happily agrees to this as the episode ends...


  • Jenny: It's a Jenny, just like the rest of me... (refering to the loose screw in her arm)
  • "You're just like Captain Crush, only better - you're a girl!" ~ Sheldon


  • This episode marks Sheldon's first appearence (not counting the opening theme song), along with his long time crush on Jenny. It it also the first episode without Brad.
  • The episode name is a reference to "Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman."
  • The name 'Lonely Hearts Club Gang' is a refernce to the Beatles song 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' from the 1967 album with the same name.
  • Sheldon screaming 'Oh Captain, my Captain' is a reference to the movie 'Dead Poets Society'.
  • Jenny says "thank Jobs" to her mother, a reference to Steve Jobs.