The episode starts out with Brad asking out numerous girls and failing. The Space Bikers then burst through the window to kidnap Brad to make him Tammy's husband. Meanwhile, Jenny is taking French lessons from a machine when she steps out of the classroom (with headphones on) to see Space Bikers chasing Brad in which they set of the smoke alarms which pour water on the machines electrocuting her and knocking her out.

Brad (now at Mezmer's tied up) finally gets told of Tammy's plan to marry him. And while they are planning for the wedding Brad tries unsuccessfully escaping. Jenny is later started up by a janitor who is using her as a floor shiner to which she quickly realizes that Brad is about to get married at the church. Jenny arrives right before they say "I do" when she unsuccessfully tries to convince Brad to not marry Tammy she then gives Brad a kiss on the cheek and leaves.

At the after party Jenny sadly accepts that Brad is happy. But when Tammy says that Brad will be more of a slave than a husband he wants out to which Tammy tries to eat him as tradition. Jenny then defeats the Space Bikers who then leave. Brad then goes on to say how all the ladies will be happy that he is now available again to which Tuck runs out to be disappointed that he won't be able to live with the Space Bikers and go on to say how Brad blew it again.



  • The foreign language phrases that Jenny says as she gets electrocuted by the foreign language tape machines are "Domo arigato" ("thanks" in Japanese), "Do svidaniya" ("goodbye" in Russian) and "Arrivederci" ("farewell" in Italian).