Brad Carbunkle

Physical Information

Age 16
17 (season 3)
26-30 (as of 2017)
Gender Male
Species Human
Eye color Onyx
Hair color Red
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Basic information

Residence Tremorton
Occupation Sr. High School Student
Nicknames Bradster
Big B
Likes Jenny
His little brother, Tuck
Dislikes The Cluster

Relationship information

Love interests Kiki (broken up)
Tammy (married, ended)
Melody (broken up)
Jenny (love interest)
Family Tuck
Unnamed father
Unnamed grandmother
Unknown mother
Friends Jenny
Don Prima (formerly)
Enemies The Cluster
Brit & Tiff

Production information

First appearance My Neighbor was a Teenage Robot (First appearance)

It Came From Next Door (in the series)

Last appearance Samurai Vac
Voiced by: Melissa Denton (pilot)
Chad Doreck (current)
Teenage robot Brad01
"Brad" Carbunkle (born 1987) is the secondary protagonist in My Life as a Teenage Robot. He is Jenny's best friend and next door neighbor.


Brad made his debut appearance in the pilot episode "It Came From Next Door". He is first seen reading a magazine outside in a lawn chair. He also drives a white 1995 crown victory p71.

Brad, as he first appeared in "It Came From Next Door".


Brad is a human adolescent male with apricot-colored skin, spikey orangehair, and dark-colored eyes. He usually wears a white dress shirt with a black vest over it, khaki pants, and black dress shoes.


Brad is known to be very adventurous, and enjoys tagging along when Jenny fights crime. He is also known to be a ladies man and he tries to get other girls to like him, however, many of the girls he tries to talk to deject him. Brad dislikes being on the sidelines. Brad is also observed on many occasions as being stubborn. In Unlicensed Flying Object, Brad portrays his more stubborn side of his personality by disregarding his safety having been told not to interfere with anything dangerous. He also has been observed as being slow or unperceptive, which sometimes annoys Jenny.



Brad and Jenny met in the pilot It Came From Next Door. Brad and Jenny have a unique and sweet kind of relationship because even though they're really good friends, they have slight romantic feelings toward each other, despite the fact that Jenny's a robot and Brad's a human. In the episode Ball and Chain, when Brad was about to marry Space Bikers member Tammy, Jenny broke into the wedding room and told Brad to think about it, then she kissed him on the cheek and walked out, obviously stating that she likes him. However due to the series ending without an epilogue, it is unknown if the two ever did get together.

Tuck Carbunkle

Tuck is Brad's younger brother. Since they both have different personalities, they occasionally argue, and sometimes, they tend to shout over each other; despite all this though, they do share a mutual love for each other. Even when Tuck is annoying most of the time, Brad loves his brother very much.

Nora Wakeman

Dr. Wakeman and Brad don't talk to each other often, but in the craziest times, are seen together. Dr. Wakeman always has to interrupt Jenny and Brad because Jenny has duties to save the town and its people.

Sheldon Lee

Sheldon and Brad aren't as close as Brad and Jenny are; although they talk to each other in school, spend time together usually when Jenny is around, and go on crazy, wild, and occasionally dangerous adventures. Brad gives advice to Sheldon when in doubt, trying to make the crazy stalker boy feel better.

Melody Locus

One of Brad's love interests to be shown on the show. Even though she is the robot daughter of an evil mad scientist, Dr. Locus, Brad still falls for her. They meet each other and Melody introduces Brad to her father, who is very evil and tried to take the secrets of Jenny, but on the way to escaping, Melody helps Brad get out safely. Once again they meet in No Harmony with Melody and this time Brad takes Melody around his town as a date. After the jealousy and commotion that Jenny had caused in between them, Melody reveals that she is a robot, like Jenny. Although she thought everyone thought she was a monster and flew away, Brad was still sad about her in the end, but eventually gets over it. Melody was the first girl on the show to be seen kissing Brad.

The Cluster

Brad has a low opinion of The Cluster, eversince the 60-minute special Escape from Cluster Prime.

Queen Vexus

Brad might hate Queen Vexus, and is afraid of her as well. However, when she was under disguised as "Vicky", Brad seemed to be a huge fan of her. He has a low opinion of her ever since Escape from Cluster Prime.

Brit and Tiff

Brit and Tiff are popular rich girls who only go for the popular guys; so they do not like Brad. Especially since they hate Jenny more than anyone, that makes them dislike Brad even more, since Brad is Jenny's best friend, who he is always hanging out with.

The Space Bikers

Brad never really had big problems with the space bikers until the episode, Ball and Chain where Brad is forced by the Space Bikers to marry one of their gang members, named Tammy. In the end, Brad tried to break off the wedding, and is tried to be eaten by Tammy (one of the traditions if the groom wants to break up the marriage, the wife eats him). He is saved by Jenny and said that there was no hard feeling between him and Tammy.


Kiki is Brad's ex-girlfriend. Due to the cancellation, we may never know more than we do already about who she is.

Foreign voice actors

Russian: Dmitry Filimonov (season 3)



  • In the pilot episode, Brad was voiced by a woman, but when the show was picked up, she was replaced by Chad Doreck.
  • He takes 40 minutes to keep his hair neat and spikey.
  • Brad spoke the first line of the series "Slow down there slugger, you seem to be light one baseball."