Season 2, Episode 6, Segment 1
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Air date April 15, 2005
Directed by Rob Renzetti
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Robot Riot
Mama Drama


Tired of being stuck under Jenny's shadow, Brad sets out to be his own hero. However, he finds himself in hot water when he runs afoul of the not-evil scientist Dr. Locus and his daughter Melody (who's way more than she appears). Dr. Locus wants the XJ-9 schematics for reasons yet unknown and, when Jenny gets knocked out in battle, Brad's going to have to prove himself.


  • The title of the episode is a play on the word "adventure".
  • Dr Locus download Jenny data using GD-ROM.
  • MILD signboard at extreme sport reference to cigarette type.
  • Title music on episode is Indiana Jones title.

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