Brittany 'Brit' Crust is a cousin to Tiffany 'Tiff' Crust. She is dark-skinned unlike her cousin Tiff. She and Tiff are the most popular girls in Tremorton High School. They despise Jenny and her friends: Brad Carbunkle and Sheldon Lee

Their best friend is Theresa 'Pteresa'. They associate with Don Prima even though he cares about himself more than girls. Brit usually insults Jenny due to an incident that occured in the first season that got her escorted by the police, ever since, she swore to make life miserable for Jenny.




Brit is typically depicted as selfish, a braggart and a very popular individual, helping Jenny only when Vicky wanted to be more popular than she and Tiff. In one episode, Jenny saved she and Tiff and they called her a sucker. Another time, she and Tiff were hosting a sleepover party and invited Jenny only for deceitful reasons. Jenny later realized that when she was flying the plane, she heard them insulting her. Because of that, Jenny put the plane on a cellphone tower 'safely' with her mom bailing her out from Skyway Patrol.

She is voiced by Moira Quirk, and speaks with a British accent.