Call Hating is the second half of the thirdteen episode of My Life as a Teenage Robot.


The episode begins as Tuck leaves the barber shop fancily dressed with his hair nice and done. He is suddenly pursued by a group of dirty objects and people, all wishing to make his "temporary look" ruined. He manages to dodge them until a slime creature suddenly goes by and Jenny flies out of the nearby manhole. She attacks the slime creature but she has trouble ridding of it due to how it just keeps reforming. She tries brute force, electricity, and water but finally shreds him up through a factory's ventilation system (not knowing that the creature was going to end up in packs of gelatin).

She then goes to the mall to goof off and wishes to impress the new boy in school. Suddenly her mother calls to inform her of the muck monster, then asks to know how Jenny destroyed it until Jenny shuts off the screen, embarrassed by how Miss Wakeman keeps interrupting. She tells her she must know how Jenny did it, as it is important and only a few methods will destroy it permanently.

Dr. Wakeman keeps calling Jenny but upon realizing that Jenny wont answer, she gets a brilliant idea. Over night, as Jenny sleeps, she sneaks into her room and begins to tamper with her communication system.

The following day, Jenny stares at the new boy in school and notices him approach when suddenly her mom appears on her screen then. Miss Wakeman informs that Jenny can no longer tune her out, as she updated the machinery. Jenny then hides out of fear of being mocked. She then informs Jenny that for now on she will always be with her.

During Chemistry class, her teacher notices Miss Wakeman there and asks her to lead the classes experiment. Jenny states she is unprepared, but then forces Jenny to be her class assistant and she begins to scold Jenny when she claims that she doesn't know what the two compounds are when it comes to freezing gelatin. This ends up with Jenny being mocked in class.

During lunch, Wakeman is then scolding the cafeteria worker, stating that the items Jenny is given aren't good enough for a growing robot. Brad then decides to help Jenny and asks the new kid if they can sit with him. It's then suddenly Miss Wakeman appears again, causing Jenny to accidentally spill the oil on the new boy. Jenny then tells her mother off as the new student insist its really okay, and not a big deal. Jenny, being in a crabby mood however tries to calm down her upset mom.

Suddenly, the original muck monster forms, emerging from the gelatin cups being distributed in the cafeteria, and begins to attack the students. Jenny attempts to fight back, but realizes that she would be harming her fellow students, as they are trapped inside the monster's gooey body, and tries to recall what her mom's experiment compounds consisted of. Jenny tries to contact her, stating she needs help but it is no use...

Suddenly Miss Wakeman arrives, shooting the compounds at the Muck Monster, allowing Jenny to shatter it once frozen. Seeing that her mom is missing, Jenny calls her on the communicator to apologize for being so mean. Miss Wakeman apologizes that she should have given Jenny privacy with her friends. The two argue until Jenny's new friend unscrews the communicator and they both leave as the episode ends...


Mrs. Wakeman (to Jenny): My spores look fabulous!!

Jenny (to Mrs. Wakeman): "Mom, look what you've done this time!!!"

Mrs. Wakeman (to Jenny, and the new kid): "Oh, please! No use crying over spilled oil, There's a chemical compound that will take that right out! Or, have you forgot that one as well?" 

Jenny (to Mrs. Wakeman): "Mother, you're embarrassing me in front of my friends!!"

Mrs. Wakeman (to Jenny): "Well, if they can't appreciate good science, then they're no friends of ours!" 

Jenny (to Mrs. Wakeman): "My friends are none of your business!!!!"

Mrs. Wakeman (to Jenny): "Why, I never... I am only trying to do what's best for my daughter!!"

Jenny (to Mrs. Wakeman): "You wanna do what's best for me?! Then go away, FOREVER!!!!"

Mrs. Wakeman (to Jenny): "I thought I gave you a heart when I made you! But I guess I was mistaken!!"

Jenny (to Mrs. Wakeman): "Mom? Mom? Mom?"

Mrs. Wakeman (to Jenny): "XJ-9, you come back here and reattach me this instant! Do you hear me young lady?! XJ-9, you can't see me here! I will be interface of an emergency!!! XJ-9? XJ-9?"


  • When Jenny is shopping, she picks out earrings even though she threw away her ears in "Ear No Evil."
  • When Jenny is in the music store, you can see a poster that reads "Li'l Rover". This could be a reference to either Li'l Bow Wow or Li'l Romeo.
  • The episode title is a pun of the term, "Call Waiting."
  • Jason Marsden is credited as "Jaxon Marsden."