Crash Pad Crash
Season 2, Episode 8, Segment 2
Crash Pad Crash
Air date June 23, 2005
Directed by Rob Renzetti
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A Pain In My Sidekick
Escape from Cluster Prime

Crash Pad Crash is the second half of the 8th episode of season 2 of My Life as a Teenage Robot.


Jenny feels that Wakeman is overprotective of her and wants a life of her own. So, Wakeman builds Jenny a house and promises that she will never interfere with her life. Soon Jenny's new "bachelor pad" is the new hot spot in town, but she's throwing so many parties that she's slacking off on her duties. Will Jenny get used to this?


Jenny: *After running into the shed* SANCTUARY!


  • This episode was originally titled "A Place of Her Own".


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