Looking to find a way into Jenny's heart, Sheldon steals a set of XJ-9 schematics from Dr. Wakeman. But Vexus also has eyes for those schematics, and is willing to disguise herself as "QT-2" to trick Sheldon into giving them to her.


  • When Sheldon opens a compartment in Dr. Wakeman's lab, a bunch of fur balls fall out, making squeaking sounds. This is a reference to the Tribbles from the Star Trek episode "The Trouble with Tribbles."
  • While Vexus battles Jenny, as she effortlessly breaks a chainlink in Jenny's thunderfist weapon, she proclaims, "This is the weakest link!" This is a reference to Anne Robinson's famous catchphrase from the UK game show The Weakest Link.
  • While Eartha Kitt was the voice actress for Vexus in this episode, Cree Summer voiced her disguised form, QT-2.


Sheldon: I've been duped! How am I going to tell Jenny? What am I going to tell Jenny?

(Sheldon's imagination)

Sheldon: After I broke into your house and stole your secret diagrams, I lost them to this other robot girl who I was...uh...getting to know better. But we're still friends, right?

(Jenny smiles and nods, and then proceeds to blast Sheldon with a cannon)

Mrs. Wakeman: All I'm saying is Vexus is a smart cookie. You can't always rely on gizmos and gadgets to get the job done.

Jenny: (hushed tone) Why'd you put em' in me then?

Mrs. Wakeman: What? What was that dear?

Jenny: Nothing, Mom.

Sheldon: I accidentally gave Vexus your Blueprints.

Jenny: (getting enraged) What did you say?

Sheldon: I said... (Jenny about to charge at Sheldon) Wait a minute Jen, you don't wanna obliterate your one true chance of happiness, would you?


XJ-9's schematic diagram

Jenny's schemetic diagram. (Not the blueprints, but similar to it.)