Don Prima
Teenage robot Don

Physical Information

Age Possibly 16
Gender Male
Species Human
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blond
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Height {{{height}}}

Basic information

Residence Tremorton
Occupation High school student
Nicknames Donster
Likes {{{likes}}}
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Relationship information

Love interests Jenny Wakeman (one date, ended)
Tiff (unknown statuses)
Family {{{family}}}
Friends Brad (formerly)
Enemies Sheldon

Production information

First appearance Party Machine
Last appearance {{{last appearance}}}
Voiced by: Quinton Flynn

Donald "Don" Prima is the most popular (and handsome) boy at Tremorton High. Jenny used to have a crush on him. He's also a huge snob and cares for his appearance excessively.


Don is a typical self-centered and popular teenager who cares very little for the women he dates, evidence being when he cared more about a scuff mark on his shoe than Jenny's feelings. He is, however, prone to a few moments of admiration towards others, this example being when he said he was impressed by Jenny's boom-box feature in The Return of Raggedy Android.

Don also looks down on the less popular while associating with the more accepted Crust Cousins.


  • His name happens to be a play on of the word Prima Donna. Meaning very vain.


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