Concept art of Drab

Drab is a robotic counterpart to Brad and the trio friends of Vega.


He, Shell and Tuff are the robotic counterparts to Jenny's friends, he and the others befriends into their group. After, they discovered the truth about Vexus and aided Jenny to battling the Cluster's law enforcements.

He and Shell dumping all of the stolen Golden Chips to the citizens of Cluster Prime, to uprising Vexus's tyranny and celebrating Vega as the "New Queen" of the Clusters.

Drab is voiced by Chad Doreck.


He is a yellow robot with blue clothes and orange metal cap-like hair, he has one leg with wheels and arms similar to XJ-4's limbs. 

Personality & Abillites

Similar to Brad Carbunkle, he is adventurous and loyal to his friends. 

With his Golden Chip, he has multi-firing blasters, superspeed and builted in jetpack.


  • His name is based on Brad, with the first and last letters swapped.

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