Thanks to a screw-up from one of his Cluster troops, Commander Smytus loses a cache of super-powered Pip Crystals to the Crust Cousins. The cousins decide to flaunt both their style and newfound powers in front of Jenny, and take over Tremorton. Jenny must use her keen fashion sense to save herself, and the city, in time.


When Commander Smytus obtains the Pip Crystals (highly powerful and dangerous rare artifacts) he is inadvertently foiled by his soldiers when one of them accidentally presses the "eject" button, releasing the crystals out of his starship. Smytus desperately tries to retrieve them, seeing that they have fallen onto planet Earth.

Later, at the Wakeman house, Dr. Wakeman is alerted that a Cluster starship was headed for Earth, and Jenny spots Smytus chasing after something.

Smytus locates the crystals, which had fallen into Jean's Dress Store (where Brit and Tiff are shopping for the prom). Brit and Tiff are complaining to Jean, the designer, rejecting his entire spring collection and claiming that the dresses he makes are out of style and old-fashioned. The cousins are looking to find a new style to shame and humiliate Jenny. They tell the designer to find some inspiration fast, or they will take their business elsewhere. Suddenly the pip crystals rain into the shop, coating the dresses, and the Crust Cousins are thrilled, buying up the entire collection right away.

Meanwhile, Smytus knows where the crystals have landed, and has a plan to get into the store by wearing a wig and acting like a Ukrainian supermodel named “Smytlona”. When Smytus sees Brit and Tiff wearing the crystals, he forcibly orders Jean surrender then to him. Jean refuses, and Smytus is forced to act as a supermodel, which Jean enjoys, believing him to be a true Ukrainian supermodel. Even Brit and Tiff are fooled by his act, and Smytus is flattered by their praise.

Soon, Jenny appears, revealing Smytus' disguise. The Crust Cousins, using their newfound crystal powers, fight off Smytus, shrinking him down to the size of an insect and chasing him away. Jenny tries to warn Brit and Tiff about the crystals being extremely dangerous, and orders them to remove the dresses at once, but they attack Jenny as well. The intense power of the pip crystals allows them to overpower Jenny and defeat her. Delighted by having superpowers of their own, the Crust Cousins plot to take over Tremorton, as the crystals are beginning to control their minds.

Brit and Tiff continue to taunt Jenny, and she admits that she is no match for the crystals. However, she spots a magazine stand, and claims that there is something that not even the crystals can protect them from. Upon seeing a new fashion magazine that Jenny holds up, Brit and Tiff gasp in horror and fly away, giving up the crystals because they are apparently out-of-style, according to the magazine.

Dr. Wakeman later shows up, and Jenny reveals that the Crust Cousins will, for the sake of fashion, get rid of the crystals for good, revealing that they care more about keeping up with the latest trends rather than being the all-powerful rulers of Tremorton.

At the end of the episode, Brit and Tiff are shown at their personal dress storage unit, putting their pip crystal dresses away in a box, where they are stored away in a massive warehouse of neglected "out-of-style" dresses, indicating that they will never be seen again.



  • This episode marks the first appearence of Commander Smytus.
  • A reference to Superman's origin was made in one scene when the country folk mention that they hoped to find a super-powered baby inside a space ship, which they had mistaken Jenny for when she crashed to Earth.
  • The ending scene is a parody of Indiana Jones.