When Commander Smytus have caught the pip crystals (a highly powerful and dangerous artifacts in the universe) he was fooled by his soldiers when one of them accidentally pressed the "eject" button releasing the crystals out of the starship. Angered by Smytus, he let the soldiers out of the starship and fly to get them back.

Later, at the Wakeman's house, Professor Wakeman indicated a cluster starship and then Jenny saw that he was chasing after something. They've checked the graph of the object and it was unknown. So she send Jenny to go after it. At space, Smytus grab the crystals with his claw from the starship when suddenly, he saw Jenny rockets the starship away, but she knew that the object that she and Dr. Wakeman saw were actually the crystals. She tried to stop him, but he blasted her with a powerful ray with his starship and she fall from space. Then, Smytus located the crystals. The crystals were headed down to Jean's Dress Store (where Brit and Tiff were shopping for the prom). Later at the Dress Store, Brit was angerd by these old-fashioned dresses she don't like. She slap one of them to the floor telling that she and Tiff needed something to shame and humiliate Jenny.

But Jean said he had given his entire spring collection, which they've rejected all of them. Tiff told Jean to find some inspiration fast or they will take their business elsewhere. But Jean said where will he find some inspiration, from the air, the clouds, the sky. But suddenly the crystals landed right into them, but they've dodged it and then it crashes on the floor, sprinkling the prom gowns with crystal pieces. Brit and Tiff saw the crystals and they've finally found some inspiration. Jean hands out the cloths of crystal gowns at them, they've laughed maniacally. Later, when the guy from the counter call the rest of the callers, Smytus appears at the store forcingly solutes him, evilly. But the guy in the counter said that they need a super model to get in, but Smytus has a plan to get in. He places a wig on his head, making him look like a supermodel. His plan worked, the guy in the counter let him in.

When Smytus appears at the room, he saw Brit and Tiff wearing the crystals (Brit wears a classic Cinderella ballroom dress and Tiff wears a sophisticated, almost royal attire). He forcibly orders Jean to come here for the crystals, but he refuses until he walks instead of talking. So he walks like a super model, and he likes it, even Brit and Tiff when they mistakenly thinks that he's tall and strong. Later, Jenny lands on a farmland. When the farm family mistakenly saw one of the UFO's, they've used a pick-axe to find a super-powered orphan babies inside, mistakenly. But when Jenny wakes up, they knew that it was her. Jenny forgot about the crystals. So she fly away into the store. Later, when Jean measures Smytus, Jenny told him to stay away from him and reveals them to Smytus, taking the wig off his head. Brit and Tiff were shocked, but Smytus fights back with Jenny, but the Crust Cousins stop them and tells them that neither of them will be taking their new dresses.

Jenny tries to warn them about getting away from the crystals, but they didn't listen. So they attack Jenny, Smytus and Jean with the crystals' power inside them. They were surprised that they have powers on their own. So they dreamed of taking over Tremorton with their powers after the prom. But the first thing they will do is to destroy Jenny. Jenny slaps them out of their dream world, telling them that the crystals are controlling their minds, but they still didn't listen. The battle is on. Jenny told them to give her the crystals before they hurt anything else, but they still didn't listen. Jenny tries to stop them from taking over the town, but her weapons are no match for the power that the crystals give them, and she is easily defeated.

Brit and Tiff appear and taunt her, and Jenny admits that she is no match for the crystals, but then says that there is something that not even the crystals can protect them from and holds up a magazine that is known to them but unknown to the audience. Horrified, Brit and Tiff flew while stating that they have to get rid of the horrible dresses at once. Dr. Wakeman later shows up, of which Jenny reveals that what she showed the Crust Cousins was a fashion magazine that stated that crystals were out, revealing that they care more about keeping up with the latest trends rather than being the all powerful rulers of Tremorton.

At the end of the episode, Brit and Tiff are shown at the dress storage, putting their dresses in an "out of style" box and the guy at the storage carried the dresses in the "out of style" aisle, indicating that they will never be seen again.



  • The two hill folk mention getting a super powered baby from a space ship. They were referencing Superman's origin.
  • The ending scene is a parody of Indiana Jones
  • First Appearence of Smytus