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Thanks to Tuck peeking through one of Wakeman's inventions, the FutureScope, he believes that Jenny is going to seriously kill Brad in the near future. Thus, Tuck goes to great lengths to keep the teenage robot as far away from his brother as possible.


Brad: You know if you get scared I can put my arm around your shoulder.
Brad's Puppet Girlfriend: Get your hands off me!
Brad: (annoyed) Ya know it's a long walk home.

Jenny: (to Tuck) But every datable guy is already taken. Looks like I'll have to settle for Brad again.
Brad: Settle? What's that supposed to mean?
Jenny: I just…I just meant-
Brad: Meant what? Brad's not datable? Brad's a loser? Brad couldn't get a date if he were rich, handsome and the last man on planet earth?
Jenny: I just meant we could go together if I couldn't find anyone else.
Brad: Don't you mean anyone better?
Jenny: No, I-
Brad: You must be pretty desperate.
Jenny: Look who's talking. I heard Kiki dumped you for Don Prima.
Brad: Hey, I dumped her!
Jenny: Was that before or after you got down on your knees and begged her to go to the movie with you?
Tuck: (pulling out a pen and notepad) Juicy!
Brad: Well, at least I have options. Anyway, who says I'd settle for you? I already have a date.
Jenny: Oh yeah! Who?
Brad: That's for me to know and you never to find out. That is unless you find a date, which I doubt!
(Brad laughs as he leaves)
Jenny: (yelling at Brad out the window) I demand to know the name of your date!
Brad: Over my dead body!
Jenny: Don't give me any ideas!

Jenny: I wish there was some way I could see who he was taking to the drive-in tonight.
Mrs. Wakeman: Sounds like a job for my Future Scope.
Jenny: Future Scope?? What's that?!
Mrs. Wakeman: Never mind! It doesn't exist. And you are not to go near it. Besides it's locked in a high security underground vault.
Jenny: So, this underground vault. Where would that be exactly? Just so I can be sure to avoid it.
Mrs.Wakeman: Down in the basement naturally. (Jenny's footsteps are heard leaving) Silly girl.

Jenny: This mission is for big girls only!
Tuck: Aww! I can be a big girl!


  • Jenny mentions the movie "Blood Sucking Alien Zombies Incorporated" at the beginning of the episode; but at the Sky-Hi Drive In, its title was "Blood Sucking Zombie Aliens Incorporated".
  • Brad’s age is proven to be at least 16 in this episode, as he drives a car to the drive-in theatre.
  • When Tuck finds the FutureScope, he is sitting on top of a box labeled "verboten," which is German for “forbidden”.