Gigawatt is an energy-based alien villain resembling a vaguely
anthropomorphic living red lightning bolt with a lightbulb-like head. He made his only appearance in Mind Over Matter. He is an electric interstellar energy vampire who sucks in and absorbs all electricity by contact, growing increasingly more powerful the more he absorbs. He threatened to drain all of the electricity from Earth, causing major, widespread blackouts and rendering all electrical technology useless. Jenny is naturally vulnerable to Gigawatt due to her being made of metal and being electronic. Gigawatt wields powerful electrokinetic abilities, which he used to defeat Jenny multiple times by creating electromagnets to incapacitate her, electrocuting her, absorbing her plasma ray attacks, and completely draining her power. He is also able to create mysterious interstellar lightning storms.

Gigawatt is later defeated when water is splashed on him to short out his electrical powers. Jenny, her mother, and her friends had to work together and use brainpower instead of brute force and technology in order to defeat this powerful energy-based villain.