Girl of Steal is the first segment of episode 5 of season 3 of My Life as a Teenage Robot.


Jenny really wants a popular music player called the "Musique" which is very expensive. Dr. Wakeman says that in order to earn enough money, Jenny will have to get a job. However, Jenny is fired from every job she takes.

As Jenny passes by the Musique store, she notices an unnattended box. Making sure no one is watching, she removes the Musique from the box. Someone notices that she took it and chase her. Jenny disguises herself as a red rocket (later nicknamed Ruby Rocket) and flies home.

When she tries out the Musique, she realizes that she actually doesn't like it that much. She tries to return it; however, Dr. Wakeman takes the box that Jenny put it in, believing it's her "birthday present."

An angry mob approaches the front door, saying that they know Ruby Rocket is in the house. Jenny pretends to fight with Ruby Rocket, changing guises repeatedly.


  • The title and opening screen are a spoof on DC Comics' Superman title, "Man of Steel".