Glenn Wakeman
Glenn Wakeman

Physical Information

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Gender Male
Species Plant Monster
Eye color Black
Hair color Dark Green
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Basic information

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Likes Family, Nature
Dislikes Arguing

Relationship information

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Family Wisteria Wakeman (mother)
Nora Wakeman (aunt), XJ-1, XJ-2, XJ-3, XJ4, XJ-5, XJ-6, XJ-7, XJ-8, XJ-9 (cousins)
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Production information

First appearance Never Say Uncle
Last appearance Never Say Uncle
Voiced by: Jeff Doucette

Glenn Wakeman is a plant monster. He is also the son of Wisteria Wakeman, the nephew of Nora Wakeman, and the cousin of Jenny. He appeared in "Never Say Uncle", where he and Jenny worked together to put aside their moms' fighting. A raccoon lives in his head. Like Jenny, Glenn is peaceful and doesn't like fighting but would have to defend himself using his plant abilities if he has to. He and Jenny got along great even going far as to fuse into a plant robot mech creature to pose as a monster in front of their parents. When he first met Jenny they attacked, believing each other to be threats, before finding out they were related. Being close to his cousin Jenny, Glenn was very upset when they were going to leave. He also got along with his Aunt Noreen in an attempt to help his mom and aunt bond. He and Jenny tried to pretend they were captured by a fusion mech-plant monster, eventually convincing his aunt and mom to work together to save their children and stop bickering.