The Glowing Aliens are a race of beautiful, luminous aliens who came to invade Earth in the episode Stage Fright. They have a seemingly angelic appearance at first, resembling gleaming yellow anthropomorphic comets, but when they attack they resemble malevolent and wrathful flaming phantoms with swords ablaze. They wield powerful pyrokinetic abilities, behaving like solar flares, and can merge together into one star-like orb of plasma. The bright and beautiful glow of these fiery aliens entrances anyone who looks at them, immobilizing their victims in a state of total awe which disables them from fighting back their invasion. Thus, Jenny had to shield her eyes (with goggles similar to sunglasses) so as not to look at their mesmerizing glow in order to fight them. The Glowing Aliens were eventually defeated by Jenny's ice cannons which froze them, depleting their pyrokinetic powers, causing them to surrender and retreat back to their planet.