Grid Iron Glory is the second half of the 9th episode of My Life as a Teenage Robot.


The episode begins with Jenny dragging Brad to football tryouts despite the fact that he doesn't want to because the Tremorton High Quakers haven't won in five years, and that the only good player is Jacques, the star quarterback, who is a really big jerk. Unfortunately for Brad he makes the team, while Jenny didn't make the cheerleading squad. However, when a football comes Jenny's way and Jacques asks her to throw it back, she throws it at a blindingly high speed, impressing the football coach who makes Jenny the new starting quarterback and cuts Jacques from the team, much to his dismay. As Jenny and Brad walk through the hallway, Jenny asks Brad to quiz her on the playbook at lunch, but Brad says she's overreacting and that she can't make the team any worse. Then the cheerleaders tell Jenny that it's her fault Jacques was cut from the football team and that he transferred over to Poly Tech, and that made Jenny even more worried, but Brad told her that Poly Tech doesn't have any sports teams. On her first game of the season, Jenny leads the Tremorton Quakers to their first victory in five years, and then she suddenly has many fans, but Brad tells her that they'll stay her fans so long as she keeps winning. Jenny subsequently leads the Quakers to more victories which climaxes in the District Championship with Poly Tech and they get brutally beaten, but then Brad figures out that Jacques has been feeding the nerds instructions from the sidelines and manages to disable his headset, leaving the nerds helpless against Jenny. After the season concludes, Jenny decides to hang it up.


Jenny: Wow, look at all the friends I have! (waving to everyone at school while she walks down the hall)

Brad: Those are not your friends, they are your fans.

Coach: (to Jenny) Congratulations, you're our new quarterback.

Jacque: Hey, what about me?

Coach: Think of it this way, Jacque. You'll have more time to sign autographs now that you're cut.

Jacque: CUT?! Grr...

Brad: (after tripping over his helmet and falling flat on his back at football try-outs) So I guess I didn't make the cut?

Coach: Did you black out?

Brad: No.

Coach: Great ... you're on the team.

Jenny: Are we the only ones left?

Brad: All that's left standing.

Jenny: But, what about Dominelli?

Brad: Broken scapula.

Jenny: Thomas?

Brad: They ripped his lips off.

Jenny: Sanchez?

Brad: Fractured toe.

Jenny: Parkins?

Brad: Inner-cranial dislocation.

Jenny: Lopez?

Brad: Real bad owwie.

Jenny: Cruz?

Brad: Comatose. But he wasn't much of a talker anyway.

(after seeing Jacque's mechanical dog run by)

Dogcatcher: (in a western accent) Christmas bonus, here I come!


  • In all levels of professional and amateur football, pushing a teammate across the field is illegal.
  • Jenny's jersey number, 9, is a reference to her being XJ-9.