Himcules is a tan, buff man wearing a black toga with a yellow "H" on it. Whenever someone cries out in pain around him, he gets stronger. But if someone laughs at him or his attacks, dthe opposite occurs. He was first seen in "This Time With Feeling" when Jenny stole her mother's prototype nerve endings. Due to being stuck in "Pain" mode, Jenny couldn't move without getting hurt. This allowed Himcules to continue his looting in town. However, Jenny was able to switch back to "Tickle" (thanks to a little girl) mode and defeat Himcules just by laughing at him. He is rather sexist.

When he was buff, Himcules was voiced by Bruce Campbell. Bruce Campbell also voiced him as a nerd.

Personality and Appearance


Himcules mocking those weaker than him

Himcules is similar to a bully. He takes pride and pleasure in causing humiliation and pain towards his victims. This supplies wonderfully with his amazing power to gain strength and masculinity by causing any form of pain or displeasure. He is handsome, large, tan, hairy, and extremely muscular. He is also quite a misogynist and chauvanist, calling out many sexist jabs towards Jenny during their battle. He is very arrogant and narcissistic, often flexing his muscles in the faces of others to strengthen his ego. His greatest loves include flexing his muscles, showing off his strength, money, misogyny, and his fellow man. He shows detestment toward women who believe they have any wright in comparison to men and believe that men, no matter who they are, are superior to women in all accounts apart from the kitchen.

Himcules gains strength and pleasure out of all forms of pain, including:

  • physical pain
  • humiliation, such as making others appear weak in front of others. Shown when he makes weak scrawny bodybuilders form a sewing circle.
  • non-self inflicted, shown when he manipulates Jenny into punching his chin, only for her to cry out in pain over the density of it and leading him to profit.
  • emotional, such as demeaning his opponents.

Himcules finds Jenny's attempts to fight laughable

He hates when others refer to his toga as a dress, as he always appears manly, and hates being called unmanly, which dresses are considered. He can be considered one of the strongest villians in the series due to his unnatural power. Although he loves to gain muscle through pain, he usually intimidates his victims; rather than robbing a bank, he rips off the building wall and simply orders them to hand him all their money. Though this applies to humans with skin, it only slightly works on Jenny's metalic body, lasting only about a minute (but does show signs of short circuit).

His appearence in the series could not have come at a worse time for Jenny, who had put in nerve projecters all around her body in an attempts to know the ability to feel, but at the moment, was stuck on "PAIN". Himcules took great pleasure by bringing her a true beating and "putting her in her place", causing her much pain and humiliation. He toys with her and shows off as much as possible.

His weakness, however, is later discovered when Jenny gets a little girl to switch the knob that controls her nerves to "TICKLE", making her laugh at all his attacks. The insecurity this causes, especially after every one in town laughs at his attempts at hurting her, forms as the opposite as his power, causing him to detransition from his hairy, arrogant, muscle-bound self, to a scrawny, pale, insecure nerd. This insecure form almost gains Jenny's sympothy, until he reviels that though he is no longer a tyrannic bully, he is still sexist. This causes Jenny to throw him into jail immediatly, which has caused much controversy and debate.

Laughing at Jenny's pain


  • His name is a pun on the mythical hero Hercules/Heracles.
  • Although he is in jail many do not understand how he has not returned to the series. his capability of immense power would have given him the chance to break out.
  • He loves nothing more than when others admire his muscles. He especially likes it when others touch them. He never stops anyone from admiring them and even spares them from pain when they admire and feel them up.
  • He gets violent when around feminists.
  • Many do not consider his final line to be very sexist, and believe Jenny had overeacted.
  • He is one of the most popular one-off villains.
  • He is similar to the character Gaston from Disney's Beauty and the Beast.
  • Himcules' buff voice is based on Ash from Army of Darkness. But his nerd voiced is based on Evil Ash from the same film.


  • "It's a toga."
  • (To weak weightlifters) "Thou callest thynself men? With such puny muscles?"
  • "That's right, HIMCULES! Ten times the man Hercules was!"
  • "I'm ten times the man you wish you were!"
  • "I'm what you'd call, moi macho."
  • "Now, woman, LEARN YOUR PLACE!!"
  • "Feel my paaaain."
  • To Jenny: NEVER compare yourself to a man! Men are better than women, plain and simple. Now why don't you go back to the kitchen and start cooking those potatoes.
  • "Say, to give you a sporting chance, I'll let YOU bust ME in the chops once!" *points at chin* "Go ahead, right here!"
  • "Yes, yeees, that's it... your pathetic pleas are giving Himcules MUCH STRENGTH!"
  • "Now to profit from your pain."
  • "Gimme all your LOOOOT!! Huah!"
  • "STOP...LAUGHING...AT ME!!!"
  • "You're pretty strong too, for a girl."


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