Gaint Eye

The Invisible Robber (named "the All-Seeing Infrared Ivan") is a giant invisible eyeball with vein and artery tentacles. He is voiced by the late Joe Alaskey.

When Jenny first stumbled upon him, he appeared to be an invisible man in a trenchcoat. Jenny was easily defeated by him due to her removing her new eyes with x-ray vision (she didn't like how they looked on her). Jenny eventually mustered the courage to wear the eyes and discovered that it wasn't an invisible man---but an invisible EYEBALL. During the battle, Jenny found out the creature's weakness was it's own retina. Jenny then managed to blind the creature with dust, hot sauce, magnifying glasses and a pointy stick and defeat him.

He is the main antagonist of the episode See No Evil. He also appeared in Mist Opportunities but he is quickly defeated by Misty.