Kenny Mogg
(Global Robotic Response Unit YK-9)

Physical Information

Age Unknown

Teenage (mentally) Less than 5 (chronologically)

Gender Male
Species Robot
Eye color Onyx
Hair color Indigo
Weight {{{weight}}}
Height {{{height}}}

Basic information

Residence Tremorton
Occupation High school student
Nicknames Kenny
Likes Chasing Cats, Howling at the Moon, Fire Hydrants, Jenny
Dislikes Cats, his Dad dumping on him

Relationship information

Love interests Jenny (ex-girlfriend)
Family Phineas Mogg (creator/father)
YK-1, YK-2, YK-3, YK-4, YK-5, YK-6, YK-7, YK-8 (early prototypes/brothers)
Friends Jenny
Enemies Cats

Production information

First appearance "Love 'Em or Leash 'Em"
Last appearance "Agent 00' Sheldon" (cameo)
Voiced by: James Arnold Taylor
YK-9 (AKA Kenny) is a robot created by Phineas Mogg, Dr. Wakeman's rival.


Kenny was created by Phineas Mogg and designed to be a teenager. However, Mogg added canine-like qualities to Kenny (i.e. superior scent, hearing, howling, barking, chasing cats) thinking it would make him superior to XJ-9, hence his model name YK-9. Kenny and Jenny began dating after she met him by a fire hydrant, which he was staring at evidently. Jenny and Kenny's relationship made Sheldon jealous, forcing him to do everything in his power to make Kenny look like a total jerk, often failing. As the episode progresses, Jenny soon finds out that Kenny is part-dog, which results in a nightmare of her future with Kenny (living in a giant doghouse, robot puppies, Kenny being caught by the dog catcher), leading to Jenny questioning whether or not she should break up with him. Sheldon soon learns this fact and exploits at the end of the episode.



Kenny (YK-9)

Kenny bears a large physique, possibly similiar to that of a football player or professional martial artist. His skin is white, like Jenny's, and and his "hair/ears" and "clothes" are indigo. When in teenager mode, his mechanical ears are laid down to resemble hair, but in dog mode they lift up from his head and appear triangluar. Dr. Wakeman accused Dr. Mogg of stealing the design plans of XJ-9 to construct him.



Dr. Mogg is Kenny's creator. The two have an odd dynamic that is both parent-child and master-pet, thanks to Kenny being both a teenage boy and a dog. When Kenny is acting like a teenager, he treats Mogg like his father. When he is acting like a dog, Mogg treats him like a pet.


  • Y and K are both of the letters right after X and J, respectively.
  • His "name" Kenny is copied from Jenny's name but the J was changed into a K which ironically is after the letter J in the alphabet.


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