Killgore (episode)
Season 2, Episode 7, Segment 2
Air date March 25th, 2005
Directed by Rob Renzetti
Episode Guide
A Pain In My Sidekick


Cute little Killgore has big dreams for such a small wind-up robot. In hopes of impressing the Cluster, Killgore has plans to capture Jenny.


Red Cluster Robot: Okay, let's see here, you're 10 inches tall?
Killgore: 10 and a half!
Red Cluster Robot: Right, and you're powered by a watch spring?
Killgore: Correct.
Red Cluster Robot: Do you have any weapons?
Killgore: Of course!
(Killgore demonstrates his pinchers)
Red Cluster Robot: Hmmm, usualy all we require is A. a robot and B. you want to destroy mankind. But now we have a brand new policy: you must be at least this tall to destroy mankind!

Brad: Hey, Jen, how's it going?
Jenny: Terrible.
(Killgore nearly tips Jenny over)
Killgore: SURRENDER!
Jenny: This fella won't leave me alone!
Killgore: I will not eat, I will not sleep, I... will... not... STOOOOPPPPPP...
(Wind up goes out)
Brad: What'd you know, he stopped!

Tuck: Sur...
Jenny: (screams)
Tuck: ...prise?
Jenny: He's...he's everywhere! He could be in this cake, or in this punch, or this present! (screams, flies in the wrong direction, hits a wall, then flies in the other direction and destroys a door)
Tuck: Told you she'd be surprised!


  • At one point, the Wound the World salesman calls Killgore "Kilroy", a reference to the song "Mr. Roboto" by Styx, which is about Mr. Roboto doing menial jobs in a prison and a rock star named Kilroy overpowering it and using its hollowed out shell as a disguise to escape said prison.



NOTE: The video is Spanish and Not English

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