Lenny is a character in My Life as a Teenage Robot. He is a member of the Space Bikers. Lenny is portrayed as Letta's "pet", and he's mostly seen on a leash. He was later reaveled to be Letta's husband. As the leash is some form of agreement betwean partners. He may have kept his job at the end of Escape From the Planet of the Bikers due to not being caught with them. He is the school janitor.

He first appeared in "The Return of Raggedy Android". He participated in the Space Bikers' vandalism and bullying by dumping a soda down someone's pants. However, Jenny (after freeing herself from Skins) scared away the Space Bikers, prompting them to flee from earth (But still leaving behind Lenny, who tried waving at them to return for him). However, it was too late since Jenny already noticed he was still on earth and she gladly asked, "And what should we do with you?" Lenny nervously replied "Atomic wedgie?" and gave himself one apparently since he preferred getting it from himself than from Jenny, which she accepted.

Lenny is bullied by the rest of the Space Biker gang. His own wife makes him do almost everything despite the fact that he is tiny even by his home world standards.

He is voiced by Grey DeLisle.


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