Letta is a character in My Life as a Teenage Robot. She is the leader of the Space Bikers. She is the principle of their homde planets school. She holds a personal grudge against Jenny for destroying her bike.


Let's like her gang are from a fishlike planet that is nice and peaceful. She works at a school as a principal but because of the peacefulness of their planet. They never let it out so they don biker personas and go planet to planet (mainly earth) to wreak havoc and blow off steam usually by crashing at parties. She holds a grudge against Jenny for totaling her bike. She once pulled a prank on Jenny by transforming her into a motorcycle and since they screwed her joints together Jenny demands them to change her back but they escaped so Jenny and Tuck (who was forced to come in to work the throttle) follow them back to their home planet where they explain that don't ride motorcycles 24/7 and they refused to change her back. So as revenge Tuck takes a picture of them and tries to send it to the villain league so they chased around effectively ripping their normal clothes revealing their biker clothes. Their people see this and shun them with half of their lives Tuck threatens to ruin the rest by sending the picture but Letta stops him and puts Jenny back to normal.


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