LilAcorn mlaatr

Lil Acorn is one of Nora Wakeman's inventions from when she was young, she originally used him as a defense drone for a science project until she grew an interest in talent shows. She then modified him to use him as an animatronic ventriloquist dummy and she the puppeteer, pretending she projected her voice into the him. Lil Acorn soon grew to love showbiz and went solo from Nora. After failing to make it on his own, his battery ran out of power. The exposed Lil Acorn then had some of his parts missing due to deterioration, water damage, and exposure to beavers.

After being discovered in the forest and repowered by a kid, he turned on the kid, and became alone, wanting Nora to create a bride for him. Although when he returns, he sees Jenny and likes her instead, overpowering her using an army of puppets. At their wedding Nora turns him off, puts him back in the forest, and gives him his own bride, Tuck's sock puppet Lucretia.


During Nora's younger teenaged years, Lil Acorn was programmed to be a comedic puppet who did many shows with Nora, but his ego got carried away and started to abuse and threaten Nora, eventually taking the stage of fame for himself. However, without Nora acting as a puppeteer, his audience rejected him, calling him an abonimation. Lil Acorn became bitter and alone, blamng his misfortune on his creator.