A Pain In My SidekickA Robot For All SeasonsA Spoonful of Mayhem
Action Jenny DollsAgent 00' SheldonAgent 00' Sheldon/Transcript
Agent 00-SheldonAll Weather OneArmagedroid
Armagedroid (character)Around the World in Eighty PiecesAttack of the 5½ Ft. Geek
Audrey WasilewskiBall and ChainBrad Carbunkle
BradventureBrit CrustBruce Campbell
Call HatingCandi MiloCannibalistic Androids
Carlos AlazraquiCarlos RamosChad Doreck
ChimerasClass ActionCluster
Cluster AmbassadorCluster PrimeCrash Pad Crash
Cree SummerCrust CousinsDancing With My Shell
Daydream BelieverDee Bradley BakerDesigning Women
DisastropodDon PrimaDoom With a View
Dr. LocusDrabDressed To Kill
Ear No EvilEarthEartha Kitt
Enclosure of DoomEscape from Cluster PrimeExo-Skin
First Space Pirate CaptainFlame AngelsFrank Welker
Fred SeibertFrederator StudiosFuture Shock
GeraldGiant Enemy Crab RobotGiant Metal Eating Fly
Giant SnakeGiant SpiderGiant Sponge Monster
GigawattGirl of StealGlenn Wakeman
GodzillaGood Old SheldonGreen Aliens
Grey DeLisleGrid Iron GloryHeat Miser
HimculesHistorionicsHostile Makeover
Humiliation 101I Was a Preschool DropoutIndes-Tuck-tible
Infectious PersonalityInfrared IvanIt Came From Next Door
IvanJacquesJanice Kawaye
Japanese Water MonsterJaxon MarsdenJenny Wakeman/XJ-9
Jenny Wakeman (Superhéroes)JentriceJess Harnell
Jiang ShiJoe AlaskeyJohn Kassir
Kath SoucieKennyKeone Young
Kevin Michael RichardsonKiKiki
Killgore (character)Killgore (episode)Krackus
KrakenLabor DayLancer
Last Action ZeroLegion of Evil (team)Lenny
LettaLil AcornLil Acorn's Puppet Army
List of My Life as a Teenage Robot episodesLiving FoodsLonely Hearts Club Gang
Love 'Em or Leash 'EmM. G. BryceMain Page
Mama DramaMarty RossianMelody Locus
Mezmer'sMind Over MatterMinky Momo Song
MinutiansMist OpportunitiesMisty
Moira QuirkMoleverineMonster Rabbit
Mr. MezmerMs. BinkyMudslinger
MusiqueMutant RatsMy Life as a Teenage Robot
My Life as a Teenage Robot: RebootedMy Neighbor was a Teenage RobotNever Say Uncle
NickelodeonNicktoonsNo Harmony with Melody
NoneNora WakemanOil Can Joe's
OlgaOrionPajama Party Prankapalooza
Party MachinePest ControlPhineas Mogg
Pip CrystalsPlanet Of The BikersPlasma beam
PteresaPuppet BrideQT-2
Queen BeeQuinton FlynnRaggedy Android
Raggedy Android/TranscriptRob RenzettiRobot Riot
Rock MonsterRuby RocketSamurai Vac
Samurai Vac (character)Sandy FoxSanta Claus
Saved by the ShellSecond Space Pirate CaptainSee No Evil
Sense No EvilSheldon LeeShell Game
Sibling TsunamiSiempre será por siempre (Último capítulo y obra de teatro)Silver Shell Story Arcs
Sister SledgehammerSkippy the Evil Wonder PuppetSkyway Patrol
Skyway Patrol LieutenantSlime MonsterSludge
SmytusSpace BikersSpace Pirates
Speak No EvilSquishStage Fright
Steve BlumSuper HummanTadpolezilla
TammyTara StrongTeen Idol
Teen TeamTeen Team TimeTeenage Mutant Ninja Troubles
Teenage Robot Wiki Deletion PolicyThe Boy Who Cried RobotThe Boy Who Cried Wolf
The End logoThe First Intergalactic WarThe Goop Zone
The Great UnwashedThe KrystalsThe Legion of Evil
The Mad Hammer BrothersThe Nicktoons Team SpaceshipThe Price of Love
The Return of Raggedy AndroidThe Return of Raggedy Android/GalleryThe Tax Collector
The Wonderful World of WizzlyThe bikerThere's No Place Like Home School
Third Space Pirate CaptainThis Time With FeelingThora Birch
Tiff CrustTiny AliensTodd Sweeney
Tom KennyTony MasaToying With Jenny
Tradeshow ShowdownTrash TalkTravis
TremortonTremorton High QuakersTremorton High School
Tuck CarbunkleTuckered OutTurncoats
Unlicensed Flying ObjectVegaVexus
Vexus' NanobotVictim of FashionVito Corleone
VladimirVoyage to the Planet of the BikersWakeman Residence
Wally WingertWeapons of Mass DistractionWisteria Wakeman
Wizzly WorldWound the WorldXJ-1
XJ-7XJ-8XJ-9/Machines and Weapons

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