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All Weather OneArmagedroidArmagedroid (character)
Around the World in Eighty PiecesAttack of the 5½ Ft. GeekAudrey Wasilewski
Ball and ChainBrad CarbunkleBradventure
Brit CrustBruce CampbellCall Hating
Candi MiloCannibalistic AndroidsCarlos Alazraqui
Carlos RamosChad DoreckChimeras
Class ActionClusterCluster Ambassador
Cluster PrimeCrash Pad CrashCree Summer
Crust CousinsDancing With My ShellDaydream Believer
Dee Bradley BakerDesigning WomenDisastropod
Don PrimaDoom With a ViewDr. Locus
DrabDressed To KillEar No Evil
EarthEartha KittEnclosure of Doom
Escape from Cluster PrimeExo-SkinFirst Space Pirate Captain
Flame AngelsFrank WelkerFred Seibert
Frederator StudiosFuture ShockGerald
Giant Enemy Crab RobotGiant Metal Eating FlyGiant Snake
Giant SpiderGiant Sponge MonsterGigawatt
Girl of StealGlenn WakemanGodzilla
Good Old SheldonGreen AliensGrey DeLisle
Grid Iron GloryHeat MiserHimcules
HistorionicsHostile MakeoverHumiliation 101
I Was a Preschool DropoutIndes-Tuck-tibleInfectious Personality
Infrared IvanIt Came From Next DoorIvan
JacquesJanice KawayeJapanese Water Monster
Jaxon MarsdenJenny Wakeman/XJ-9Jenny Wakeman (Superhéroes)
JentriceJess HarnellJiang Shi
Joe AlaskeyJohn KassirKath Soucie
KennyKeone YoungKevin Michael Richardson
KiKikiKillgore (character)
Killgore (episode)KrakenKrakus
Labor DayLancerLast Action Zero
Legion of Evil (team)LennyLetta
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Living FoodsLonely Hearts Club GangLove 'Em or Leash 'Em
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Mutant RatsMy Life as a Teenage RobotMy Life as a Teenage Robot: Rebooted
My Neighbor was a Teenage RobotNever Say UncleNickelodeon
NicktoonsNo Harmony with MelodyNone
Nora WakemanOil Can Joe'sOlga
OrionPajama Party PrankapaloozaParty Machine
Pest ControlPhineas MoggPlanet Of The Bikers
Plasma beamPteresaPuppet Bride
QT-2Queen BeeQuinton Flynn
Raggedy AndroidRaggedy Android/TranscriptRob Renzetti
Robot RiotRock MonsterRuby Rocket
Samurai VacSamurai Vac (character)Sandy Fox
Santa ClausSaved by the ShellSecond Space Pirate Captain
See No EvilSense No EvilSheldon Lee
Shell GameSibling TsunamiSiempre será por siempre (Último capítulo y obra de teatro)
Silver Shell Story ArcsSister SledgehammerSkippy the Evil Wonder Puppet
Skyway PatrolSkyway Patrol LieutenantSlime Monster
SludgeSmytusSpace Bikers
Space PiratesSpeak No EvilSquish
Stage FrightSteve BlumSuper Humman
TadpolezillaTammyTara Strong
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The Boy Who Cried WolfThe End logoThe First Intergalactic War
The Goop ZoneThe Great UnwashedThe Krystals
The Legion of EvilThe Mad Hammer BrothersThe Nicktoons Team Spaceship
The Price of LoveThe Return of Raggedy AndroidThe Return of Raggedy Android/Gallery
The Tax CollectorThe Wonderful World of WizzlyThe biker
There's No Place Like Home SchoolThird Space Pirate CaptainThis Time With Feeling
Thora BirchTiff CrustTiny Aliens
Todd SweeneyTom KennyTony Masa
Toying With JennyTradeshow ShowdownTrash Talk
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Tremorton High SchoolTuck CarbunkleTuckered Out
TurncoatsUnlicensed Flying ObjectVega
VexusVexus' NanobotVictim of Fashion
Vito CorleoneVladimirVoyage to the Planet of the Bikers
Wakeman ResidenceWally WingertWeapons of Mass Distraction
Wisteria WakemanWizzly WorldWound the World
XJ-9/Machines and WeaponsXJ-SistersYK-1

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