Marty Rossian is Nora Wakeman's boyfriend, appearing only once in Mama Drama. He is voiced by Bob Joles.

Jenny believed him to be an evil psychopath and tried to protect her mother from him, as she feared he was trying to put her under mind-control. But it is later revealed that Marty, although rather creepy, is not truly evil, though he did have an obsession with Nora.


Marty Rossian is a short man with a sinister and distinctly owl-like appearance. He has short, slicked back gray hair that curls upward at each end of his head (rather like the ears of a great horned owl). He has a long, downward-curving aquiline nose, sharp fang-like teeth, thick black eyebrows, a short pointy black goatee, and unnaturally large blue eyes. He sports a fancy violet coat with a mink collar, and is seen to occasionally wear a long dark villainous-looking cape.


Marty is shady, sinister, and creepy, with a maniacal and villainous-sounding laugh that vaguely sounds like the hooting of an owl. He is obsessed with Nora Wakeman, and his ambiguous and shady behavior lead Jenny to believe he was a villain with evil intentions to harm her mother. In the end, it is revealed that Marty is simply an eccentric man who never wished to harm Nora or Jenny, and merely wanted to give her and Jenny an all-access pass to Wizzly World on their next date. However, after Jenny attacked him, and Dr. Wakeman herself finally became convinced that Marty was evil, he broke up with her and stormed away in a huff, ironically telling Nora that he thinks her family is too creepy for him.


  • Marty Rossian's name is based on the last name of the show’s production manager, Ani Martirossians.