Melody Locus
MLTR 006
Melody (right) with Brad

Physical Information

Age Unknown (constructed to be look like a teenager)
Gender Female
Species Robot
Eye color Blue
Hair color Light Blonde
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Basic information

Residence Tremorton
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Relationship information

Love interests Brad Carbunkle (crush, ended)
Family Dr. Locus (creator/father)
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Production information

First appearance Bradventure
Last appearance No Harmony with Melody
Voiced by: Sandy Fox

Melody Locus is the robot daughter of Dr. Locus. She first appears in Bradventure and runs away from her father in No Harmony with Melody. She develops a crush on Brad.


Melody has an exo-skin that gives her the appearance of a pretty normal girl with blond hair in two drooping pigtails and large blue eyes. She is also wearing a green and blue dress with black flats shoes. When Jenny provokes her, she unveils her true self, a large spiny robot with an ugly and horrific appearance. Her true form terrifies everyone, including Brad.


Melody appears to be a normal caring person who just wants to be a normal robot girl (like Jenny). However, when provoked, she has a nasty temper, and unleashes her frightening and monstrous-looking robotic self.


Dr. Locus

Dr. Locus is Melody's creator and father. In Bradventure, he tries to steal Jenny's data in order to make Melody just as powerful and advanced.

Brad Carbunkle

Melody developed a crush on Brad from the moment she met him in Bradventure. She returned to see him in No Harmony with Melody, and for a day, they went on a date in Tremorton, becoming rather close. They talk and hang out, and Melody kissed him once. However, when Melody became enraged while fighting with Jenny and revealed her true terrifying and vicious robot form hidden beneath her pretty exo-skin, Brad became terrified of her. Upon realizing how frightening she is to everyone, Melody tearfully breaks up with Brad, stating that she does not belong with him, or in Tremorton, and flies away. She was never seen again in the series.

Jenny Wakeman

Jenny was jealous of Melody spending so much time with Brad, also fearing for his safety, and tried convince him that Melody is evil because she is a robot created by Dr. Locus. Jenny provoked her, making Melody snap with uncontrolled rage and transform into her true monstrous robot form. After conceding to the fact that she is feared by everyone, including Brad, Melody leaves, never to be seen again. Jenny discovers that although Melody was created to be a monstrous villain by Dr. Locus, she never really wanted to be evil, and felt sorry for her.