Mezmer's in Ball and Chain.

Mezmer's is a popular teen hot-spot and center of most of Tremorton's nightlife. The owner and founder of the place, Mr. Mezmer, wrote on the wall that the staff "had the right to refuse robots!...and Space Bikers". Jenny became the exception to the no-robots-allowed rule after fighting off a gang of space-bikers raiding the place, but only on account that her friend Brad quit his job there and that Mr. Mezmer "mysteriously disappeared" on account of an encounter with Jenny's discarded (and rogue) exo-skin.



  • The Mezmer's building is designed to look like the head of a big black cat, mostly because it's a shout-out to an animator named Otto Messmer who had drawn Felix the Cat cartoons, which inspired the creation of this show's perticular animation style.
  • A similar restaurant appears on Cluster Prime called Oil Can Joe's and serves oil-filled engines instead of milkshakes.

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