180px-Misty Kung Fu Fighting by ShelltoonTV

Physical Information

Age 18
Gender Female
Species Demonic Alien
Eye color Pink
Hair color Purple
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Basic information

Residence Tremorton Bottling factory
Occupation Paid villain
Nicknames Kungfool
Ninja Girl
Freak pet
Likes Wooden Cell phones
bean bag chairs
Grilled Cheese
Dislikes Books without pictures in them

Relationship information

Love interests Brad (she wanted to know if he broke any hearts when she wanted a boyfriend like Brad)
Family Her mother (mentioned)
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Enemies Jenny

Production information

First appearance "Teen Team Time"
Last appearance "Mist Opportunities"
Voiced by: Audrey Wasilewski
180px-Misty Kung Fu Fighting by ShelltoonTV

The Illusive Mystery (most often referred to as Misty) is an alien hero.


Her powers are psychic in nature, with the ability to read and control others' minds, as well as an ability to turn into a cloud of mist, appropriately enough. She also has some martial arts skills.

Misty makes her first appearance in "Teen Team Time," as a member of the Teen Team. As the Teen Team's is a parody of the Teen Titans of DC Comics, Misty is a rough analogue in powers and temperament to Raven. However, Misty's got a bit of a mean streak — she doesn't like to relate to "normals", only does her villains for pay, and goes a little too far when pranking the Crust Cousins. Yet, she is much demonic compared to the other members of the Teen Team.


Misty has a scrawny body, with pale lavender skin, purple hair and pink eyes. She wears purple and black karate clothes, with gloves and shinobi footings.

Sometimes her color scheme consists of red hair, red pants, orange arms, and tan skin.


Mischievious, Hot headed, awkward, violent, demonic, selfish and easily offended.

Powers and Abilities


  • Enhanced Agility
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Superhuman Strength: She is strong enough to kick anything faraway and through a building with ease, lift a really big monster over her head with no problem, and even a schoolbus full with kids with one hand.
  • Superhuman Durability: She can withstand a punch in the face with only a black eye.
  • Mist Mimicry: Misty's main abilities is her ability to transform parts or all of her body completely into mist/smoke at will. She can use this form to cushion a fall. Also in this form, she can't be physically hurt.
    • Superhuman Strength: When she is in her mist form, her strength is enhanced to superhuman levels, capable of lifiting an earcover made with trhee iron beams and concrete.
    • Mind Reading: She can literally get inside the mind of people, robots, and animals to know what they are thinking and their biggest fears.
    • Flight: She can fly in the air when she is in her smoke form.
    • Stretching and squeezing: She can stretch, bend and squeeze her body at will. 
    • Healing: She can turn into smoke to heal any wound in seconds.
    • Teleportation: She can appear and dissappear, usually in her mist form.
  • Shadow Mimicry: She can turn into a shadow and asume a bidimensional form.
    • Shadow Camouflage: She can hide in shadows when using this forrm.
    • Shapeshifting: She can assume several forms.
  • Flight: She can fly through the air and in outer space whether she is in her smoke form or not.
  • Interstellar Travel: She can travel across interstellar distances at incredible speeds.
  • Space Adaptation: She can survive in outer space unaided. She can withstand cosmic radiation and the lack of air.
  • Self Sustenance: She doesn't need to breathe in outer space.
  • Water Walking: She can run and walk on water.


  • Martial Artist: She is an expert in an alien martial arts style.


  • Misty is one of the few female characters of the series to have very tiny feet.
  • It is unknown if Jenny and Misty are still friends since she left Jenny in the episode Mist Opportunities.
  • Not only was Misty the only female member of the Teen Team (not counting Jenny), she is the only member to stick around for two additional episodes after the Teen Team broke up.