Mr. Mezmer

Physical Information

Age Late 50s/early 60s
Gender Male
Species Human
Eye color Unknown (glasses)
Hair color Dark gray
Weight Average
Height Average

Basic information

Residence Unknown
Occupation Owner of Mezmer's
Nicknames Unknown
Likes Money
Dislikes Robots, space bikers, slow workers

Relationship information

Love interests Unknown
Family Unknown
Friends N/A
Enemies Space bikers

Production information

First appearance The Return of Raggedy Android
Last appearance Voyage to the Planet of the Bikers
Voiced by: Victor Brandt

Mr. Mezmer is the founder and owner of Mezmer's.


Mr. Mezmer is a grouchy old man who's very stubborn and racist towards robots to the point of kicking Jenny out multiple times, even after she had saved the day (albeit left his diner a mess). His hatred of robots stems from beliefs on how they're "dangerous", "can't be trusted", and "stink too".

Even though Mezmer's is the hottest teen hangout in Tremorton, he doesn't actually seem to care much about his customers until they leave in droves, as at the end of The Return of Raggedy Android, he begged for their money before quickly correcting himself to "sympathy".

He is presumably a Scotsman as indicated by his accent.



While Brad was showing off his new job to Jenny, who was a first-time customer, Mr. Mezmer's good mood was quickly soured by her presence as he didn't hesitate to mouth her off and threaten Brad to kick her out or else he was fired. Jenny saw herself out the door so Brad wouldn't get penalized.

During Jenny's return visit while wearing her Exo-Skin, Letta showed up and crashed the party. Mezmer demanded that she leaves and pointed out that his "right to refuse service" policy also extended to Space Bikers. Due to her destroying a jukebox before leaving, this caused all the patrons to leave since the party was over. Mezmer promised them a new jukebox the next time everybody came back.

His promise was kept, and a new jukebox complete with built-in laser lights was installed. Of course Letta showed up again, however this time she had her space biker gang tagging along. Mezmer was promptly thrown in a freezer by Olga and the handle snapped off. After a long fight, Jenny, now free from her Exo-Skin, freed a frozen Mezmer from the freezer. He was now terrified of her and begged her to take his money and leave him be; however moments after being told that she saved the day, Mezmer surveyed the damage of his restaurant and quickly flew back into an anti-robot attitude. Jenny's departure caused Brad to quit, the new robot jukebox to sullenly leave, and all his customers to follow.

Left in a broken husk of his restaurant, Mezmer's moment of sadness was abruptly ended by the nodes of Jenny's Exo-Skin latching on to him and pulling him away to an ambiguous fate. Somehow he mangaged to get the skin off, as he appeared unharmed in future episodes.

Mr. Mezmer briefly returned in the Season 3 episode Labor Day partaking in the Rent-A-Robot service. He assigned Jenny to toilet duty, but only one flush later did she come running out of the restroom in fear, followed by her coming back with a flamethrower.

His final appearance, in Voyage to the Planet of the Bikers, had him served on a platter to the Space Bikers by Letta, hog-tied and with an apple stuck in his mouth.



  • Mezmer's name is a reference to Otto Messmer, co-creator of Felix the Cat. Likewise, his diner's facade is a cat head that resembles Felix.
  • Despite having a hatred for robots, he rented Jenny in Labor Day and had another robotic jukebox installed some time before Agent 00' Sheldon.