No Harmony with Melody
Season 3, Episode {{{number}}}, Segment {{{segment}}}
MLTR 008
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There's No Place Like Home School
Tuckered Out



The episode begins with Brad having a fantasy about him singing to alot of girls and each of them screaming his name. He was getting ready for a day with Jenny, but at the last minute, Jenny has to take Tuck to a cockroach wrestling match in Texas. Brad feels blown off and lonely until Melody (the "daughter" of the evil Dr. Locus) shows up at his door. Jenny arrives but finds that Brad is having fun with Melody for the day. Jenny, feeling jealous and suspicious, decides to spy on them, trying to prove that Melody is evil.

After a brutal battle between Jenny and Melody, Jenny says she's evil, while Melody says she's normal. This caused her to shift into an insect-like scary robot with many weapons. As soon she sees Brad, in horror and betrayal, she shifts back, sad, and leaves. Jenny knew that Melody is good after all, and all the destruction was from Harold the Champion Cockroach.

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