The episode begins with Brad having a fantasy about him singing to a lot of girls and each of them screaming his name while he was showering. After finishing getting ready for a day with Jenny, he finds out that Jenny has to take Tuck to a cockroach wrestling match in Dallas, Texas. Brad feels blown off and lonely until Melody (the "daughter" of the evil Dr. Locus) shows up at his door. Jenny arrives but finds that Brad is having fun with Melody for the day. Jenny, feeling jealous and suspicious, decides to spy on them, trying to prove that Melody is evil.

During Jenny's time spying on them, some type of destruction happens after they leave a place. Jenny interrupts Brad and Melody as they are trying to kiss and states that Melody is actually evil. Brad takes Melody's side though and says that Jenny might just be jealous he is spending think with Melody instead of her. As Brad and Melody a load of logs starts rolling down the street and Melody grabs Brad and flies into the air, saving them. He is angry at first finding out she hid that she was a robot from him but after she kisses him he goes along with it.

Jenny then takes Brad and sets him on the ground and a brutal battle between Jenny and Melody begins. This caused her to shift into an insect-like scary robot with many weapons. As soon she sees Brad, in horror and betrayal, she shifts back, sad, and leaves. After this Jenny discovers that Melody was actually good, and all the destruction was from Carol the Champion Cockroach.