Nora Wakeman
Nora Wakeman

Physical Information

Age 55
68 (as of 2016)
Gender Female
Species Human
Eye color Onyx
Hair color White (red when she was younger)
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Basic information

Residence Tremorton
Occupation Scientist
Nicknames Dr. Wakeman
Mrs. Wakeman
Likes Jenny
her creations
her sister
Dislikes Vexus and the Clusters

Relationship information

Love interests Sheldon (former crush on Sheldon's side)
Marty Rossian (one dated, ended)
Family XJ-1 (creation)
XJ-2 (creation)
XJ-3 (creation)
XJ-4 (creation)
XJ-5 (creation)
XJ-6 (creation)
XJ-7 (creation)
XJ-8 (creation)
Jenny (creation/daughter)
XJ-10 (work-in progress/soon to be daughter)
Wisteria Wakeman (sister)
Glenn Wakeman (nephew)
Friends Brad
Enemies Vexus
The Cluster
Phineas Mogg

Production information

First appearance "It Came From Next Door"
Last appearance Turncoats
Voiced by: Candi Milo
Nora Wakeman

Dr. Noreen "Nora" Wakeman is the deuteragonist of My Life as a Teenage Robot.

She is a brilliant scientist specializing in robotics, Jenny's mother, and creator of the XJ series.


It is shown in the episode "Armaggedroid" that she used to work for Skyway Patrol in "The First Intergalactic War" (but not anymore) and was on many magazine covers. After Armaggedroid was defeated, she started the XJ series.


Wakeman has appeared in the pilot episode "My Neighbor Was A Teenage Robot" as an aged woman with styled blonde-gray hair, wearing clear stylized glasses with a white button-down labcoat and turtleneck. In MLAATR, her appearance is amended to her characteristic white updo, pointed nose, red lab goggles, black turtleneck, and button down yellow coat with matching heels reminiscent of Minnie Mouse.


Wakeman comes off as a lively and exciteable woman, devoted to her robotics science and defending Earth from intergalactic terror. She is typically seen building gadgets, reading science articles and newspapers, drafting plans, or testing Jenny's robotic abilities. When in danger, she's usually the first to jump into action, standing her ground without hesitation.



Nora's always treated Jenny more like an actual daughter instead of a robot she invented, and serves as a typical loving mother to Jenny, concerned for her safety and wellbeing, but often calling at inopportune times and embarrasing her in front of her friends. Initially, Wakeman kept XJ9's existance a secret, insisting the young robot remain in her room while not defending the planet, but Jenny's misery soon promped her to change her mind. As a result, she enrolled Jenny in school to learn alongside other teens and make friends. 

While Nora's always treated Jenny more as an actual daughter instead of just a robot that she created, as the series went on, Nora treated Jenny more and more like a normal teenager (while still acknowledging that Jenny is technically robot and not a human).


Wakeman never refers to XJ9'S friends by their name, but instead calls them XJ9's Friends. Or in Brad's case Bradly


Wakeman never refers to XJ9'S friends by their real name, but instead calls them XJ9's Friends.


Even though Wakeman is hardly even mentoning Sheldon, In the episode called "Attack of the 5 and a half ft geek", Wakeman sees Sheldon and tells XJ9 that she approves of her "dating" Sheldon.

Foreign voice actors

  • Spanish (Latin America):Edilú Martínez
  • France:Claude Chantal
  • German:Liane Rudolph
  • Polish:Małgorzata Kaczmarska
  • Russian:Lyudmila Ilyina
  • Portuguese (Brazil):Melise Maia


  • Wakeman has a sister named Wisteria Wakeman, gifted with an ability to manipulate plants, and a nephew named Glenn that happens to be a swamp creature.
  • It was once rumored that Cameron Diaz was the voice of Nora in one episode (even though it wasn't true at all).[source?]
  • There once was a rumor that the series My Life As A Teenage Robot was inspired by the Megaman X series, and that Wakeman is considered the Dr. Light of the MLAATR series.
  • Wakeman's physical age is unknown seeing as she uses the youth machine to skim off a year or two every now and then.
  • People outside of the scientific-world (mostly Jenny's friends and schoolmates) often call her "Mrs." Wakeman rather than "Miss" or "Dr." Wakeman.
    • As far as anyone (including Jenny herself) knows, Nora's presumably never been married.
  • Nora's zodiac sign is either Scorpio or Sagittarius, in the episode, Girl of steal, Nora says Jenny was forgetting something, her birthday, and Nora's birthday is somewhere in november.