Tuck is riding his tricycle and some kids are picking on him. He decides to learn how to ride a two-wheeler, but fails. Meanwhile, Jenny is fighting the space bikers, and it ends in her getting turned into a bike, and they made it so she can't change back. She tells Tuck that he needs to get on her to work the throttle, but he says that he needs training wheels on her first, so her puts them on her.

After chasing the space bikers for a while, they just blast off into space. Jenny says that they are going to the planet of the bikers, and Tuck has a scary little abstract nightmare for a while. When Jenny goes to pick out a space ship, she initially picks a really high tech battle ship, but Tuck deems it too scary and makes her take a old lady ladybug ship that Ms. Wakeman takes for picknicks on the moon.

So they go to the space biker planet but quickly realize that the planet is full of nice people and pastel colors. They find the bikers and see that they are really school administrators. They think that this is a disquise, but then are told that they are really school administrators. But then they get evidence that the bikers are bikers, and the bikers, fearing that their secret will be blown, stupidly get into costume and chase them around, with everyone seeing. In the end, the bikers normal lives are utterly ruined, and to prevent evidence of them being all cheery and pastel from getting to their evil friends, they turn Jenny back to normal, and Tuck realizes that since the training wheels fell off during the chase, he can now rub it in the bullies smug faces. And he does.


  • When Jenny and Tuck end up on the planet at first, there is a little boy named Pick or something with a straw hat and a fishing pole that wants them to go fishing, and an old woman with a bun in her hair that wants them to eat pies. I believe this is a reference to a 'Twilight Zone' episode, where these kids who don't think they're loved and so they create this make believe world, or maybe it is a world created by the pie-making old woman for unloved children, i don't know, i never figured that part out, but anyway they go to the world and there is a pie making old woman and a Tom Sawyer-esque boy wants them to fish.

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