Queen Bee is the second half of episode 12 of season 3 of My Life as a Teenage Robot.


The episode begins as the Crust Cousins arrive to school. Suddenly as Jenny says "See ya later alligator". Which ends with them mocking her, along with the other students. Jenny tries to tell them off but it doesn't work. Later Brad finds her reading a slang book, unfortunately its from 1983...

Suddenly, an oddly dressed girl shows up. They notice she's speaking very weirdly and she keeps going on, to which she tells off Brad and she tries to escape from Jenny. Who is highly suspicious and ends up hitting her into the nearby bell tower. As Vexus states that she wishes to destroy Jenny, its then Brit and Tiff overhear her. They offer to aid her, and take her to their place while getting her the proper attire.

They aid her, stating that she needs to act as if nothing bothers her, needs to look good, and basically act as if she's a step ahead. After Vexus tries to look nice it looks weird, but she manages to transform herself into a cuter version of herself before saying, "Whatever".

That following day, Britt and Tiff show up with a new girl. Everybody compliments her style before she calls Jenny a dork. Jenny is suspicious again but then Vexus manages to tell Jenny off instead. Cool enough, Jenny is in disbelief that "Vicky" is really Vexus. As Britt and Tiff compliment her, Vexus hands them disruptors, special objects that shall render Jenny basically useless when they go off.

Meanwhile, Vexus is enjoying her popularity when the crust cousins show up once more. Suddenly a girl walks by and is rude to them which causes the crust cousins to become worried. They confront Vexus but she refuses to give them back their attention, due to enjoying the fact she's now the "Queen Bee". She tells them to relax, then walks away.

The following day, Vexus walks with Brad inside school as the cousins try to deal with being unpopular, now that Vicky is in charge of the entire school.

Vexus tells the school she wishes to be the queen of the school. While outside in the hallway, Britt and Tiff go trick her by dumping an entire vat of coleslaw on them but this does not work and Vicky kicks the vat, causing it to land on them. Brad greets Jenny, but leaves quickly after. The crust cousins go to Jenny and they explain that Vicky is really Vexus.

Jenny confronts the school but they seem to think she's cool anyway. Transforming back to normal Vexus then suddenly uses the ultrasonic disruptions from her disruptors to destory Jenny. The cousins overhear and decide that despite hating Jenny, they have to help her if they want to become popular again and quickly go to rid the entire school of the disruptors. As Jenny is about to be lowered into a vat of super hot grease, its then the crust cousins flush every single disruptor. Jenny manages to break free from Vexus' grip and proceeds to beat her up before freezing her.

Jenny then reveals that Vexus is really 2000 years old! Which makes everybody hate her suddenly and they all leave. Jenny thanks the crust cousins but they state they had to help Jenny since she IS the school hero and they proceed to try to trick her into being covered with the coleslaw from earlier. But once again its kicked back at them as the episode ends...


Brad: What are you doin', Jen?

Jenny: What I should have done a long time ago.  Learning slang.

Brad: [looking at the book entitled, "Totally Slang"] Okay? How old is that thing?

Jenny: 1983? Gnarly!

???: Eh-ehem..

[enter mysterious person (actually Vexus in 1920s-style clothes)] Vexus: Hey, guys and dolls, I'm Violet.  You look like the bee's knees, and it would be the cat's meow if I could beat my gums with you a bit.


Brad: What did she just say?

Jenny: I have no idea.

Vexus: Oh, applesauce.  Don't gettin' a lather over it, Jettin'.

Jenny: Hey, how did you know my name?

Vexus: [getting a little nervous] Jeepers creepers, lucky guess?

Jenny: Jeepers creepers?

Vexus: [getting more nervous] Heebie jeebies?

Brad: Heebie jeebies?  She's as geeky as you are.

Vexus: Mind your potatoes, sugar daddy.


  • This is Vexus' last appearance
    • Also it is revealed she survived her last meet on Trash Talk
  • This episode was one of Eartha Kitt's final acting roles before her death on December 25, 2008.