See No Evil is the last segment of the Sense No Evil Saga.


The episode begins with Nora Wakeman giving Jenny brand new eyes which had fancy settings such as digital vision, heat vision, x-ray vision and even sausage vision. They could also could stretch in all directions. Jenny loved these eyes and what they did until she sees them in a mirror and removes them, since the eyes were round and insect-like. However, this took away her ability to see.

Jenny then ends up destroying the cinema because she thought a monster movie (called Mummy Madness) was a real monster. Brad and Tuck were also in the cinema watching the movie and thinking the sightless Jenny was a 3-D effect until the entire cinema removes their glasses and throws cinema snacks at her.

While Brad and Tuck treat themselves to drinks and popcorn coming out of Jenny's eye sockets, she told them what happened and asks someone to be her eyes and guide her. Because this was Tuck's idea, and Jenny chose Brad, the brothers got into an arguement over who gets to be Jenny's eyes. During the fight, Jenny gets fed up and goes on by herself, and running into a car before a late, inconvenient warning from Brad and Tuck.

After a sarcastic 'Thanks!', Jenny discovers that stores selling eye products (contact lenses, kaliedoscopes, mascara) are being robbed. The victims told her that the thief was invisible. Jenny, Brad and Tuck start chasing after him. After he chases them to the playground, a strange force takes up Brad and Tuck and spins them through the air.

When Brad and Tuck tell Jenny to retrieve her freakish eyes, she goes to find them with her homing beacon. When she gets them, she discovers that the robber was Infrared Ivan, a massive eyball, holding a trench coat and hat. He gets defeated by taking unintentionally things which are bad for eyes (hot sauce, pointy sticks) after Jenny attacks him making some powder go to his eyeball, which disorients him. He was tied up by Jenny, and Brad and Tuck were rescued.

Back at home, Nora had a surprise. Her old eyes! Jenny was very happy to see them. Nora then gave her a fanny pack which looked like a big butt, but Jenny did not notice and Tuck starts laughing at the end of this episode.


Mrs. Wakeman: Ooh, teenagers. One day they're operating efficiently and the next they're tossing off body parts and calling you a dweeb.

(Crowd arguing about what the guy who stole the eye products looked like)

A Guy: I remember now. He was invisible!

Another Guy: Oh yeah. (everyone agrees)

Mrs. Wakeman: Take my advice - don't ever build children.

Jenny: (testing her new eyes) Rainbow Vision. Ooh, pretty colors!

Mrs. Wakeman: You don't look like a dweeb. I think you look very "puh-hat."

Jenny: (annoyed) It's pronouned phat, mother.

Jenny: I need someone to be my eyes! Someone intelligent, someone reliable, someone alert, someone like ... Brad!

Tuck: But I'm just as ... alert as Brad! I want to be the eyes!

(Dr. Wakeman is left holding Jenny's eyes)

Dr. Wakeman: Oh, what are you looking at? (pockets the eyes)


  • The Eye Alien may refer to Sauron from the Lord of the Rings.