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Sheldon Lee

Physical Information

Age * 16
Gender Male
Species Human
Eye color Onyx
Hair color * Black
Weight {{{weight}}}
Height 5ft (6 inches)

Basic information

Residence Tremorton
Occupation * High school student
  • secret agent (formerly)
Nicknames Shel
Likes Jenny
Dislikes {{{dislikes}}}

Relationship information

Love interests * Jenny (one-sided on his side)
  • QT-2 (former crush)
  • Pteresa (fake relationship)
Family {{{family}}}
Friends * Jenny
Enemies * Brit Crust

Production information

First appearance Attack of the 5½ Ft. Geek
Last appearance Ball and Chain
Voiced by: Quinton Flynn
Character large sheldon

Sheldon Oswald Lee is Jenny's geeky friend and admirer.


Sheldon made his debut appearance in "Attack of the 5½ Geek".


He is a 5-foot 6-inch tall boy as noted in "Attack of the 5½ Ft. Geek" 16 years of age (though technically 105 after "Good Old Sheldon"). He has some teeth that stick out, freckles, and greasy black hair with two cowlicks. He is usually dressed in blue-gray pants, a white T-shirt, and an auburn hoodie.
Agent sheldon


Sheldon is a typical comic book collecting science geek who is positively smitten for Jenny. It is even seen in the episode "Designing Women" that he has a shrine for her, and it is said in "Agent 00' Sheldon" that he stalks her. Normally sweet-hearted and intelligent, Sheldon can easily get jealous. However, no matter how hard he tries, he never is able to get Jenny to go out with him, and is now simply just her friend. This could be because of his low social standing. In an interview with the creator, it was unveiled that Jenny and Sheldon were meant to be a couple before the show's cancellation.

He is also a budding engineer, and often invents tons of useful gadgets for Jenny, in the hope of impressing her (though she often doesn't accept them). He also created The Silver Shell, in an attempt to show Jenny that robot boys would not be good for her, but this backfired when she actually fell in love with The Sliver Shell (though, after a while, she grew to hate SS when he ruined her first dance).

He also seems to like reptiles, as seen in "Shell Game", and he is the fastest member of the swim team.


Jenny Wakeman

Sheldon is one of Jenny's closest friends although he also has a recurring crush on her, but sadly, Jenny does not like him the same way. She likes him no more than a close friend. Jenny sees Sheldon as a smart guy who can always lend a helping hand and can sometimes get into too much trouble. Sheldon is also who Jenny goes to if she has malfunctions that her Mom is either too busy to fix or unable to.


Brad is one of Sheldon's friends. They are not as close as Brad and Jenny are, but they still hang out, talk to each other during school time and out of school, and go on adventures together.


Tuck and Sheldon are rarely seen talking to each other on a regular term basis, due to the fact that Tuck is younger than Sheldon and Sheldon does not talk to him because he's usually at school, but when Jenny, Brad, Tuck and Sheldon all go on some big adventure, they communicate. Tuck Orders Sheldon Around in Tuckered Out, riding him like a horse and complaining to him when things went wrong. In the end however Sheldon got revenge by helping Brad and Jenny play home movies of Tuck to the entire town. Sheldon Also sold Tuck his Time Machine in The Price of Love.

Dr. Wakeman

Although Sheldon and Dr. Wakeman don't really have a relationship, Jenny is the one thing they have in common. Both are obsessed and worried about XJ-9 when trouble occurs. When Sheldon Was seventy Five years old in Good Old Sheldon he hit on Dr. Wakeman much to Jenny's disgust, this shows that Sheldon may have a crush on Jenny's mom that branched out from his obsession with Jenny.


In "Designing Women", Vexus disguised herself as QT-2 (Cutie Two) to get XJ-9's master plan (that Nora Wakeman had with her), as Sheldon was trying to sneak into the lab, without getting red-handed, he snuck out without making a single sound. When Sheldon was getting "Cutie Two" a drink she undisguised herself and snuck out and took the master plan with her. When Jenny was trying to defeat Vexus, she was powerful and Jenny was less powerful. When Sheldon told Jenny that he stole her master plan, she used her gift Sheldon invented for her. And was powerful, and Vexus was less powerful. At the end, Jenny was attacking/trying to destroy him.

Don Prima

He is the enemy of Sheldon. Don Prima is exactly the opposite of Sheldon, and that's one thing that makes them dislike each other. Don Prima is popular, good looking and very social, while on ther other hand, Sheldon is a typical geek who is very smart and not so popular.


He paid Pteresa to make Jenny jealous. Sheldon was sick of Jenny ignoring him, so he went up to Pteresa and paid her to show Jenny that he doesn't need her.


  • The creators of the series stated if the show hadn't been cancelled, they would've eventually made Jenny and Sheldon an official couple.
  • Sheldon is assumed to be of Japanese descent because of his similarities to the Japanese people in "Speak No Evil".
  • As revealed in "Price of Love", sometime within twenty years, Sheldon becomes a billionaire.
  • Sheldon created a time travel machine and sold it to Tuck for two cents.


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