Skyway Patrol is an intergalactic organization designed to fight extraterrestrials. They often compete with Jenny.


Skyway Patrol was formed in "The First Intergalactic War" with Dr. Wakeman. At that time, she had created Armagedroid to defend Earth from the alien invasion. After retiring from the organization (and sending Armagedroid to Earth’s core when he rebelled), Nora Wakeman built the XJ units to help protect Earth from hostile aliens, such as The Cluster.

Since then, Skyway Patrol are often seen harassing XJ-9 for "unauthorized" aviation. In Last Action Zero it is revealed that members of this organization often have to deal with literal mountains of paperwork in order to do virtually anything. This usually makes them more of a nuisance than a help. This also renders them virtually unable to stop XJ-9, as it would take decades to fill out the necessary paperwork to arrest her.

Brad Carbunkle

Brad Skyway Patrol

Brad in his Skyway Patrol uniform.

In the episode Last Action Zero, Brad Carbunkle joins the Patrol after feeling that he doesn't help Jenny fight the invaders enough. He ends up leaving it after realizing the amount of paperwork he is stuck with. Skyway Patrol only attacks when commanded to do so, leading to times when they remain inactive due to paperwork and let chaos happen.

Relationship with XJ-9

The Skyway Patrol are not all too fond of XJ-9, and will try to prevent her "shenanigans" of fighting extraterrestrials herself.