Physical Information

Age Presumably 1000s of years
Gender Male
Species Robot
Eye color Yellow
Hair color Black
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Basic information

Residence Cluster Prime (formerly)
Occupation Cluster Military Commander
Ukrainian star (disguise in Dressed To Kill)
Nicknames "Smytlona" (Dressed To Kill, in disguise)

The Destroyer of Worlds

Likes Power, war, conquest, boasting, praise
Dislikes Jenny, humans, humiliation, losing battles

Relationship information

Love interests None
Family Unknown
Friends Vexus
Enemies Jenny

Production information

First appearance "Dressed To Kill"
Last appearance "Trash Talk"
Voiced by: Steve Blum

Commander Smytus is the former militaristic commander of the Cluster.


Smytus works under Queen Vexus, even though he is often known to go off onto missions of his own. When it comes to fighting Jenny, he typically wields a very powerful tool or weapon which he uses to gain a temporary upperhand, and often proves himself to be a very serious and formidable villain. However, he is eventually outwitted and defeated by Jenny and her friends one way or another.

After Queen Vexus was dethroned in Escape from Cluster Prime, Commander Smytus used self-destruct on his ship, but apparently was unharmed, as he appeared afterward in future episodes.


Smytus resembles a large, heavily-built cybernetic beetle. His bulky, darkly-colored body is striped down the front with many different shades of deep green and yellow-green. He is clad in armored garments (which could possibly be his exoskeleton due to his insect-like traits). He appears to have large beetle-like wings that run down his back, resembling a cape. A long, sharply-pointed regal-looking collar-like feature protrudes from each side of his neck, and his arms and legs appear to be armored with protective plates. He has beady pale yellow-greenish eyes with slit pupils, and a rather large mouth lined with a row of straight blocky white teeth. A single long black antenna-like feature sticks up from the top of his head and extends out to the side.


Smytus is very hawkish (militaristic) and self-centered. He often boasts of his power (to both his minions and to the victims of his invasions) and longs to overtake planet Earth for the Cluster. Being the battle-hardened commander of the Cluster's military, he is a military genius, and wields very powerful weapons and rather ingenious schemes which he utilizes in attempt to thwart Jenny and take over Earth. Smytus is power-hungry, and boastful, and often makes a fool of himself because of this (e.g. losing the Pip Crystals to the Crust Cousins in Dressed To Kill because he was too busy gloating and berating his minions). Despite his normally ruthless, serious, and menacing personality, Smytus can be silly at times, and seems to have a sense of humor.



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