[[Stupendous Squish|250px]]

Physical Information

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Gender Male
Species Toothpaste Human
Eye color Black
Hair color Cyan
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Basic information

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Relationship information

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Friends XJ-9

Misty Orion

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Production information

First appearance Teen Team Time
Last appearance Teen Team Time
Voiced by: Steve Blum
The Stupendous Squish is a member of the Teen Team. He has the power to squish into anything. He appeared in the episode "Teen Team Time".

Powers & Abilities

  • Shape shifting: He is able to shape shift into different things like animals or tools. Its also shown that he can turn into sharp and hard things.
  • Flight: He is able to fly without shape shifting.
  • Sticky Skin: He is able to stick on walls.


  • He appears to have been inspired by the character Beast Boy from the Teen Titans series.
  • He seems to have a close friend relationship with Orion


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