Tammy (real name: Ms. Tammers) is one of the members of the Space Bikers. She is voiced by Janice Kawaye.

Tammy is the most "attractive" of the bikers and their final recruit. Like her fellow bikers, she is a fish-like humanoid alien who speaks in a high squeaky voice and enjoys causing havoc, destruction and pranks, she is also very flirtatious (most notably around Brad) when compared to the rest of the bikers. Despite her villainous wild side, she was actually an elementary school teacher on her home planet who worked alongside the other bikers who were also part of the school's staff. She was a kind teacher that loved her students, however the bikers naturally had a wild side and due to the peaceful and friendly nature of their planet they could never let it out, so they donned the biker personas once in a while in order to let loose some steam. Eventually when Jenny discovered this, she revealed their biker nature to their people who naturally banished them from their planet. According to Letta "she's new".

Helmetless Tammy

Tammy with her helmet taken off.

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