Teenage Mutant Ninja Troubles
Season 2, Episode 6, Segment 2
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Air date April 22, 2005
Directed by Rob Renzetti
Episode Guide
Mama Drama
Weapons of Mass Distraction


Due to internal disputes, the Teen Team has broken up. With no place left to go, Misty heads back to Earth to be with Jenny. Misty's appearance in school, however, earns her teasing from Brit and Tiff. Scorned, Misty convinces Jenny to get back at the Krusts via a prank war. The only problem, however, is that once Misty gets started on something, she doesn't know when to stop. Jenny's going to have to convince her pal that enough is enough before things get too serious.


  • Although Misty causes trouble for Brit and Tiff, the Verizon FiOS TV listings mistake states Misty's causing trouble for Brad and Tiff.
  • The title was the parody of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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