Opening night.


Inside the Goop Zone.

The Goop Zone is a family-style pizzeria in Tremorton with it's main gimmick being a restaurant-wide paintball game, but with a goopy substance instead of paint, hence the name. Its exterior resembles a giant pizza missing a slice, which acts like a skylight.

It's mascot is Goopy the Gopher, who is represented by a giant animatronic gopher.


Brad and Tuck attended opening night, but despite Jenny being invited to come with them, she was too busy hanging out with the Teen Team instead. So the Carbunkle brothers made the best of their time without her and engaged in a goop war. Brad managed to climb on Goopy's head, prompting other kids to start shooting him; however their shots missed and hit Goopy instead, causing part of his head to explode exposing the skull underneath, and his base mechanics to start propelling him forward like a tank. This prompted Jenny and the Teen Team to show up and knock Goopy down, thus stopping his rampage.

Shortly afterwards, the tadpole monster from earlier, now a frog, attacks the Goop Zone in its continued rampage on Tremorton. Brad fights it off with a goop gun to no avail, and Jenny tries to spank the frog much like she did when it was a baby, but also with zero effect. After Jenny and Misty fight the frog together, Brad distracts it while sitting on a Goop Zone searchlight; with one launch of its tongue at him, it smashes right into a light, thus fatally electrocuting it.

Brad, Tuck, and Jenny finally hang out after all the commotion by engaging in another goop fight, except now Jenny herself (jokingly) shorts out from being covered in goop.



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