The Nicktoons Team Spaceship is a spaceship, that created by The Nicktoons Team. It takes them to their universes to save them. In a level before a final level, it has something wrong with it and it crash landed into a huge, coral tree. It fly by itself away, later on. After The Nicktoons Team destroyed PlanktoBot. It saved them and back to the lair.


List of the Nicktoons Team Spaceship's 12 powerful weapons.

1. Lasers

2. Light Speed

3. Landing gear with tires (transformed into Car-Like Spaceship)

4. Force Field

5. Saws

6. Powerful Lights

7. Emergency Parachut

8. Drill

9. Spare Tire

10. Fart Lasers

11. Mini-car

12. Laser Fist

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