This Time With Feeling
Season 1, Episode 11, Segment 2
This Time With Feeling
Air date November 21st, 2003
Directed by Rob Renzetti
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This Time With Feeling is the second half of the 11th episode of My Life as a Teenage Robot. This episode aired on November 21st, 2003 on Nickelodeon.


Brad and Tuck are engaging in an Tickle Fight, to which Jenny walks in looking confused at what they are doing. Feeling sorry for Jenny's loss, Brad explains that humans have a nervous system, which enable them to feel stuff such as ticklishness and pain. Jenny however, still feels left out and returns home. Jenny then learns from her mother that she was originally intended to be given an artifical nervous system that contains feelings of ticklishness and pain, but wasn't given them due to potential issues they could cause in fighting crime. Jenny however finds the robotic nerve endings and against her mother's wishes, installs them onto herself.

The next day in school, after installing the robotic nerve endings and setting the dial to "tickle," Jenny goes about the day, thoroughly enjoying the feeling of being tickled for the first time ever, (much to Brad's and everyone else's repulsion.) However, Jenny's fun is abruptly cut short when she must turn off her ticklish feelings when she must take an important test in class. After asking Sheldon for some help, he accidentally switches her dial to "pain," which causes even more problems. Jenny realizes her mistake for adding the artificial nerves now that even the slightest feeling causes her excruciating pain, and ultimately causes her to fail her important test.

Later that day, a super powerful villain known as "Himcules" begins attacking town, humiliating people and stealing money. Jenny arrives to battle him, but is still set to her "pain" setting on her nerves and thus is beaten sensless by Himcules. To make matters worse, Himcules feeds on both the physical and emotional pain that other people suffer from which makes him even stronger, making the fight turn to his favor. His pride continues to feed him, even offering Jenny to hit him, which backfires and hurts Jenny even more. Finally with the help of a little girl, Jenny's dial is set back to "tickle" and the battle turns to her favor. Whenever Himcules hurts Jenny, it only tickles her more than ever (to her enjoyment,) making her laugh at him. Along with this, the city starts laughing at Himcules for appearing weak against fighting a girl, The humiliation and insecurity he feels reverses his powers, making him weaker and causing his body to reduce into a "90-pound weakling," allowing Jenny to punch him into a nearby Jail and at the same time causing her to feeling more ticklishness.

The next day, Jenny's nerve endings are gone, as they have been removed by her mother, but Brad informs her that it was probably for the best. Unknown to everyone though, Jenny has saved one nerve ending under her armpit, so she can still enjoy being tickled when she pleases.


  • Jenny: (looks at the nerve settings) They're beautiful...


  • During the scene where Brad is "tickling" Jenny, a few animation errors occurs. A subtle one appears when Jenny is being "tickled," the nerve endings on her skirt disappear. Another one appears shortly after in which Brad has a third eyebrow.
  • In the gym where Himcules first attacks, there are three weightlifters who bare a striking resemblence to the Three Stooges.
  • After Jenny punches Himcules to Jail, She Giggles and Says "That Tickles!" This is a Reference to Tickle Me Elmo Which is a Toy Made By Tyco in 1996.
  • Himcules is voiced by Bruce Campbell.


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