Todd Sweeney was a spoiled brat child with wealthy parents who had seemingly abandoned him, leaving him depressed and bitter. He grew mad at Santa for never giving him what he really wanted — weapons and power — as presents, every year. To get back at Santa, he decided to brainwash Jenny into ruining everyone's Christmas, and all holidays throughout the year. After his control over her wore off, Jenny awakened from the spell and escaped, not knowing what Todd had made her do under his control. Not only did Todd’s plan to ruin holidays using Jenny as his mind-controlled weapon work, but dispite Jenny's claims she was brainwashed by him, she was banished from Tremorton by everyone in town including her own mother. However, Sheldon was the only one who believed her pleas and helped her on her mission to prove to Santa that she was a "good girl”, and thwart Todd’s evil scheme before he ruined Christmas.

In the end, thanks to Jenny’s help, Todd soon learned the true meaning of Christmas when he gave away his unused, unwanted heaps of toys to the poor children of Tremorton as gifts. Thus he was transformed into a loving, caring boy. He also learned that his parents did not truly abandon him, and had merely left for a while to return and surprise him with many gifts.


  • Todd's name is a spin off of the character Sweeney Todd.