Toying With Jenny
Season 2, Episode 13, Segment 1
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Air date September 09, 2005
Written by Brandon Kruse (Storyboard Writer)
Directed by Rob Renzetti

Chris Sauve

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Mama Drama
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Toying with Jenny is the first half of episode 13 of season 2 of My Life as a Teenage Robot. It first aired on Nickelodeon in the United States on April 22nd, 2005.


After premiering on her first cover story on the Tremorton Tattler, Jenny is greeted by a self-proclaimed toy maker by the name of Mr. G. Petto, who makes a deal with Jenny to create a toy brand line of dolls based on her resemblance. These "Action Jenny Dolls" as they are called, sell like hotcakes and Jenny is taken in by the fame. However, it soon is revealed that these innocent dolls are actually one of Krakus' and Vexus' plan to conquer the world.


Sheldon (To Brad and Tuck): Guys, Guys! Jenny is there signing autographs,and they're giving away free hats with every 200 dollar purchase! Now I got an Action Jenny for every day of the year!


  • Sheldon purchase 200 dollars it means he purchases 20 Action Jenny and trust 1 Action Jenny toy 10 dollar.

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