After an experiment goes bad in a science fair, all of Dr. Wakeman's XJ robots and other inventions mysteriously begin to run amok, and even Jenny herself became affected. Who is responsible for this heinous crime?


At a science fair, Dr. Wakeman's experiment goes wrong for some reason and destroys the fair. Embarrassed, she and Jenny fly home and try to forget everything with a good night's sleep.

Battle with XJ-1

When Dr. Wakeman wakes up, she sees that XJ-1 was somehow activated. Nora questions her activation but XJ-1 angrily vomits on her and shoves herself into Mrs. Wakeman's mouth. Wakeman forces her out and smashes XJ-1 against the wall, cracking her like an egg.

Battle with XJ-2

Dr. Wakeman wonders why XJ-1 is attacking her when suddenly, XJ-2 attacks her using her plasma beams. She tries to hide, but this doesn't work. Soon Jenny comes having heard the ruckus and spots XJ-2. XJ-2 flies into a closet and blasts her way out, blowing up herself and half the house in the process. Dr. Wakeman tells Jenny that XJs-1 and 2 are malfunctioning.

Battle with XJ-3

XJ-3 appears and creates a scorpion tail to kill her creator; however, Jenny steps on her before she can. Jenny wonders why her sisters are attacking Dr. Wakeman, for even though they are kept in the cellar, it's never bothered them before. 

Battle with XJ-4

XJ-4 appears and sucks her creator in a vacumm Jenny pulls her out and XJ-4 attacks Jenny with squirty bottles. She tries again with a broom but Jenny punches her in the Shoe closet where she sorts wakeman's shoes. Wakeman tells Jenny to turn off her sister and she preceds to do only to find out XJ-5 escaped.

Battle with XJ-5

XJ-5 chases Wakeman, and Wakeman takes a Fire extingusher to knock her way (changing her stations to) Jenny joins in and knocks he sister to the ground she flies back up to attack her only to get punched back to the wall. Breaking her and causing her to play taps. Wakeman and Jenny decides to go to the convention center. 

Battle with XJ-6

XJ-6 arrives and attacks Jenny, venting out on how she feels around Jenny. They begin to sword fight (with pipes) until Jenny defeats her. 

Battle with XJ-7

XJ-7 appears (But because of her lack of confidence she didn't put up much of a fight) and self destructs. Jenny decides to leave before it is to late since XJ-8 is stronger than XJ-9, which leads Jenny to question as to why she is weaker, to which Mrs. Wakeman replied that she had to take out some of XJ-8's strength to leave room for XJ-9's personality and sense of humor.

Battle with XJ-8

But it was too late - XJ-8 already got there. Jenny fights her tougher sister, but XJ-8 has the upper hand. Dr. Locus appears claiming he is the one responsible, all thanks to his new and most powerful invention, "The Remote Control", a remote control with the power to control every invention on Earth. After XJ-8 is defeated he uses the device again, leading to Jenny attacking her mother.

Battle with XJ-9

Jenny tries to stop herself, but to no avail. Dr. Wakeman destroys the device but as it looks like she is done for she is actually cured. Locus is eaten by Nora's trash eliminator. At the house, Dr. Wakeman and Jenny fix the other XJs but Nora's tiger eats her, as apparently Jenny forgot to feed him.



  • This is the very last segment aired on television before the series' cancellation. 
  • At the end, XJ-5 doesn't appear at the screen like her sisters, unless she was the first one to be finished.