• BlindmelonKen

    Da Rules

    December 28, 2011 by BlindmelonKen

    Hello users and contributors! Welcome to the new and improved The Wiki of a Teenage Robot! I would like to give you all a few heads-up while you edit and contribute to this wiki.

    1. Please make sure the information in your edits are accurate and canon with the show's continuity. No fan-fiction or fan-works are premitted.

    2. All images have to be from the show or, if necessary, promotional material for the show. Keep in mind that any fan-made artwork is not eligibile, especially NOT anything offensive or exploitive. This is a family-friendly wiki. Any contributors who do so will recieve a temporary timeout. At second warning, timeout time will be permanent.

    3. Please do not add or use any colorful language within this wiki. As said before, this …

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