I've written the titles of episodes for season 4 of My Life as a Teenage Robot and here are the names of the episodes.

1. A Visit to the Carbunkles/Sheldon's Last Stand
2. The Girl in the Phantom Mask/Lovestuck
3. Two Cars in Every Garage, Nine Personalities on Every Fembot/Parental Guidance
4. The Great Robot Caper/The Crusts Get Busted
5. Wedding Bell Blues
6. Return to Wizzly World/Sisterly Love
7. 2 x 2 is 4/Adventures in Robotsitting
8. Robots in Disguise (A Halloween episode)
9. Sweet Surprise/The Fantastic Three
10. Lake Fear
11. My Sister, Melody/The Return of Vexus
12. A Fishy Tale/Uncle Giraffe
13. I Dream of Jenny/Two Brothers, Two Sisters and One Big Guy
14. The Whole Cyclopedia/The Princess and the Dog
15. A Sheldon Lee Christmas
16. The Return of the Silver Shell/Our Big Pony
17. Bear Affair/My Friend was an Alligator
18. Senator Locus/An Avian and a Robot
19. The Fembot of Alcatraz/Another Preschool Dropout
20. Sun Scream/Grandma Carbunkle's Old Farm
21. Planet of the Hamsters/Nightmare at the Museum
22. Sidekicked/Finding Jenny
23. A Hero By Jade/Monkey See, Donkey Do
24. Mr. Scruffles Goes to Washington/Carbunkle Trip

Do you think Nickelodeon will like this? Here are a few fun facts, The Carbunkles' parents show up for the first time, Jenny Wakeman wears a bikini for the first time, Melody Locus becomes Jenny's sister and then gets a new body, and Sheldon Lee finally becomes Jenny's significant other.

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